Sunday, 4 November 2012

Venus - From Start to finish-

so apparently i'm doing these in the whatever order i feel like.... so it started out as a sketch... in fact i was sketching a lot that day... it had been a long day at work and i was waiting for my ride so i ended up drawign Sailor Jupiter, then this one... and finally chibi moon.

i enjoyed the idea but i knew i was being pretty sloppy and lazy... i mean i forgot to draw her ears for crying out loud... but i didn't know if it had another minute left to sketch or another hour
so after inking and colouring moon and mini moon i was kinda over my fan art stage.... but i did have these drawn so i figured why not and i inked it for fun... and then i started colouring and playing around with it and eventually i ended up with

It was very fun but it reminded me why it's such a pain to draw anything thats facing forward but hey it's good to challenge yourself... i guess... also sorry that it's the third one in this series ot have her mouth open... it just looks odd to me when chibis have their moths closed (at least when i draw them)

so yeah no in between stuff cause i went from ink to finished product surprisingly quick... hopefully another original piece next... i kind of like staggering the fan art since i don't do it often

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