Thursday, 19 November 2015

Dropped: Gurumin - A Monsterous Adventure

well.... i can't say for certain (because i haven't tried Zwei or it's redundant sequel Zwei 2) but it seems like the only Falcom games i enjoyed are Ys and Legend of heroes (including the kiseki spin off that ditch the LoH part of the title)
Brandish literally gave me an anxiety attack and reminded me why i hate grid based dungeon crawlers and Roguelikes by mashing the two together
and now Gurumin has given me a massive headache... granted thats only minorly the games fault.

For whatever reason when i played it it started to flicker... at first it was like once a minute... i turned it off once it hit ever 15 seconds.
however i did experience enough of the game to base an opinion on.

So Gurumin is about a girl who sees monsters and since she desperately wants friends she follows them to her village (which is litterally on the other side of a hole in a wall)
one of the firends gets kidnapped and you go save him in the tutorial level... but then when you get back oh no the monster town is destroyed.

thats as far as i got before the headache said stop.

It's interesting that it's a fully voice acted game... but unfortunately it just reminded me of a really floaty 3d Zelda.
Full disclosure: I love the story and music when it comes to zelda... but the controls/combat/gameplay make me want to throw things out windows. so a floaty version of that just sounds like hell to me. i mean... taking a game i already don't like playing and making it worse.... nope.

But still it's pretty cool that Falcom did a far more kid focused game cause... well In Ys adol eats gods for breakfast and LoH... well lets just say that when i saw pixelated blood around a certain character in a tear of vermilion i was more then a little surprised... not to mention that half the stuff in trails would go over a kids head.
However this isn't the best attempt in my opinion cause wow is it trying too hard. "i'm so hip and cool, look at these dancing monsters"
There was a mechanic i was curious about when i saw screen shots because theres like a music bar on the top and i wondered if it was going to be like a rhythm combat game... would Gurumin be Falcom's answer to Rhapsody?
no... it just determines when you get a crit.
Also the music (so far) in this game sucks... i know Falcom Sound Team is better then this... and considering music seems to be such an important part i'm kinda annoyed that the music is as terrible as it is.
like it's not Ys 3 abandoned mine bad but it's not far off.  

In conclusion, i bought it on a whim cause i like falcom and didn't know what to expect and it ended up not being my cup of tea.
If you find Zelda too grounded or difficult maybe give this a try (though honestly despite my great distaste for playing zelda i made it more then 30 mins in.. can't say the same for this) but otherwise i can't really recommend it since it didn't appeal to me in any way shape of fashion.

Go play Ys instead.

I am a bit sad... this was supposed to last till Cold steel came out... okay i guess i will just have to tackle something else on my backlog.
Like vesperia
or Moonlight witch... yeah i'll probably go with that.... stick to the Legend of heroes theme (even if the ghargav trilogy has little to nothing (so far) to do with the Kiseki line.
though i really should go with Vesperia....
oh i also have Fire emblem on Wii (the second one... can't remember subtitle right now)
i'll play something... probably.

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