Saturday, 7 November 2015

Anthem of the Heart

So it's nearly 1 AM... and normally i would write these the next morning cause i'm just too tired to bother....
After the film we went to a Izakaya... which was delicious... however i am quite severely allergic to MSG.... which is pretty prevalent in most japanese/chinese/korean cuisine (At least in North America)
it didn't used to be this bad but a few years ago i went MSG toxic... which is like a sever hangover/fever that lasts days... ever since then i can't stomach the stuff at all.
However that experience taught me that putting a little cream of tartar in water and just drinking it down helps absorbe the MSG... so while i'm drinking my disgusting water... i can talk about the film.

Now i don't know why this film got treated the way it did in Canada but it was a little annoying.
There were only two showings for the entire country.... and we didn't get any freebies.
Also the theater was apparently sold out despite the fact that there were plenty of empty seats.

This film is made by the same Director as Ano Hana (aka oh god the tears) so i was expecting to be a bit misty eyed.... cause i'm the easiest person to make cry during a movie or book or game.
and while some moments tugged at my feelings nothing made me cry... nothing even made me teary...
This is just the definition of a feel good movie.

Without spoiling anything the film is about a girl who can't speak because when she does it causes her great pain... however singing seems to be okay.
Working together with a slpped together group they all work together to help make a community project a success.

And yeah i really enjoyed it.... best movie ever? no but just so much "feel good energy" where i would say if you have the chance to see it take it... i believe pretty much all the screenings end tonight or tomorrow though... so you may have to wait for a physical release.

The animation was lovely (i mean A-1 Pictures tends to have stunning animation no matter what) and very emotive. The music was great especially if you like musicals/classical music.... the final song being stunning on so many levels. The voice acting was solid... yeah i can't say i have any complaints about the film (other then only the one showing... and it wasn't terribly close)

oh well my gross water is done.... hopefully i don't get sick cause i do not have time for that right now... but yeah go watch it and feel good.

then go watch Ano Hana and cry..... then some toradora since thats the same director as well...

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