Monday, 16 November 2015

Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter

Even though i know that no one on the Localization team will read this i have to say something with all my heart.
Thank you.
I had given up hope that this game would ever come out.
It was so big... it was released far past the PSP's lifespan in North America. the odds were against it... but now that i have not only had a chance to play it but actually beat it.... i'm just so happy it actually came out.

Falcom... stop making me emotional about harmonicas
in fact stop making me cry altogether... while i only got teary about 3 times i ended up with tears streaming down my face during at least 4 different parts.

I'm going to do my best not to spoil a thing... which means i can't say much of anything plotwise... so lets start this.

Trails in the sky Second chapter is about what happens the next morning after the events of First Chapter.
We follow Estelle Bright as she travels the land to try and help the people of liberl while also dealing with a shadowy organization.

yeah thats about... all i can say... well besides play the first one.. it deals with Estelle becoming a Bracer in order to protect the people of Liberl.

Quick story time,
due to the spoilery nature of the entire game I was getting a little frustrated that i couldn't talk about the game with friends (mostly because the friends who have already played it don't really wanna talk about plot elements). one day after a really... uh... swearing enduced plot twist happened i couldn't hold back anymore, i found the link on GOG and told my friend she should play this game.
Expecting a "whats it about" or "why" i was thinking of how i would convince her.
Her reply was "Sure"
so apparently all i needed to do was let people know... i guess thats a lesson i needed to learn.

Anyways back to Second chapter... I do want to talk about one character in particular.

Oh boy i adore Kevin.
I would love if Kevin got his own game.... he could go around with a nun (preferably with pinkish hair)
you could call it Trails in the Sky: The Third...
Ok so i don't want to be one of those people who are like "great thanks for SC.... wheres the third?"
I honestly thought i didn't care if the third never came out before i played this game... but i really love Kevin. I want to know his story and i know the chance of The Third coming out are slim to none... but still i think i will hold onto that slight hope.
Also just in the game Kevin was the best character... i thought it defensive crafts and s-break along with weak strength would make him useless but he saved me more then once... every time i could use him in my party i did.
If i had to pick a plot i liked as much as Estelle's story... it would be kevin...
oh well... i don't want to be greedy... i mean i want to be greedy but i don't want to get my hopes up for something that has such a small chance of being localized.
but... i will hold out that tiny hope (i mean the Vita Version was just announced... i can dream)

but yeah in the end this was my end time.
I believe FC was about 45, i would have to check my PSP... so yeah the games are huge and just packed with story.

I really loved every moment of the game, i adore all the characters and picking who i wanted in my party (aside from Kevin) was always a chore.. cause i just wanted everyone.

If you haven't played Trails in the Sky and you like JRPGs I highly recommend it... but start with the first one
It is also Available on PSN

Now i get to wait about a month till Trails of Cold Steel comes out...
and I can't even begin to describe how excited i am for it.

for now i figure i have a huge backlog of art to work on... also i need to draw some Fanart for trails.
Should be fun.

. . .
Well that was unexpected...
Still I meant every word... i loved every second... I love that i'm getting my friends into playing it...
so once again Thanks you...

but seriously i didn't expect anyone to read it...

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