Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Name of the Wind: The Kingkiller Chronicle: Day One

By Patrick Ruthfuss.

As the book is all about telling a story i find it fitting to tell a little story and go off on a bit of a tangent... if you don't want to go on that journey the short of it is I liked the book and i'll be starting book 2... or rather Day Two immediately after i finish writing this little blurb.

So... Storytime.
According to amazon, i bought this book for my Kindle Januaru 28, 2014... yet i only started reading it a few days ago.
A few reasons for that...
1. i bought a few titles around that time thinking i would have a chance to get some reading done in transit... but then i ended up having little no time to read at all
2. i was in the middle of a few other books.
3. it got pushed to the bottom of the list and i kinda forgot about it.

So what reminded me of this book?
Well it was actually Tumblr, i saw a few pieces of fanart for something they called the kingkiller chronicles.
it sounded familiar but i couldn't place it.
Later that same user posted either fan art or cover art that showed similarities in the main character of that book to the main character in Brave of the Six flowers.
at this point it was really ringing a bell so i opened up my kindle and there it was waiting to be read.

Now my new kindle has this nifty feature that my old one lacked... it told me it figured i would take 17 hours to finish the book.
I looked at that and laughed since even extremely long books (like around 1000 pages) tend to take about 10-14 hours depending on how much i'm enjoying it.
This book is only just under 700 pages... which puts it at about 8-12 hours for me...
and yeah.... just finished it in around 10 hours... That'll show you kindle turn page analitical thingy (technical term)

Okay now time for the tangent... even though i bought the book so long ago... it was fanart that got me interested in actually reading it. A lot of people give fanart a really hard time because they don't consider it real art... but in the end no matter how you feel you have to admit that it has some power... i would have eventually read the book but the fanart pushed it to the top of the pile and i'm sure i'm not the only one who has picked up a book or played a game or watched a show simply because the fanart intrigued us.
I guess what i'm saying is it's probably a good idea to thank someone who helped you enjoy something you may have skipped over... and i really did enjoy this book.

We begin this tale at the Waystone inn, a bartender with true red hair polishes his bottles in silence, Dark rumors are being carried on the wind. Word that demons are traveling this way has everyone in town on edge.
However this simple bartender is anything but and after saving a Scriv who had easily the worst possible timing from a hord of spiders with razor legs... he is convinced to tell the story of his life and how Kvothe the Kingkiller because Kote the Innkeeper.

And yeah i've left out pretty much everything but hey... spoilers and all that.
The most interesting part about this book is that the first chapter or two are so full of blatant exposition that it's a little incredible... especially cause you as the reader have little to no context so you can't understand everything that being said right away... but you get so much from it.
you can tell he knows more then he lets on, even going as far as other languages and song and folklore and possibly even magic. I don't know... that kind of blatant "you are going to learn a lot about this world but for now enjoy being confused" storytelling kind of makes me grin from ear to ear.

The entire book put a grin on my face, i love "Magic systems" (easiest but not terribly accurate way to describe it in this case) that use Words.. hell my fav magic system is called the Will and the Word.
From the Belgariad... go read that too.
 anyways the "magic system" is this is really good and not overly powerful which is nice.
And considering it's being told in a way where the books are actually called "day 1" instead of book 1 just works so well...

i'm a little worried that since book 2 was released 2011.... and we don't have a date for 3 yet... i'll be forced to wait... which is never fun.
but in the end at least i'll have a few more houws with day 2...
there also seems to be a short book (177 pg).... but kindle is trying to sell it for 11 bucks and.... thats more then they are charging for his 1000 page book.... so maybe if it goes on sale for 5-8
not that it isn't worth it... i'm just cheap...

For now i have a birthday cake to bake... mine actually... Happy Birthday to me~ may i go another year of people going "wait your how old?" and watching them pale... oh it brings me joy.
until i get asked if i'll be paying child fare to get into things... then i get a little sad....
only a little.
and luckily while things are baking i'll have plenty of time to read~ 

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