Saturday, 10 October 2015

Blood Blockade Battlefront

Aka Kekkai Sensen
*grins* it's been a while.

Okay so at the end of Spring 2015 i was expecting most of my shows to end... this one didn't.... it had episode 11 and then just never seemed to upload the final episode...
all this time i had thought "gee... there is no way they can finish this jumble they call a plot in 23 minutes"

Apparently they had the same thought... and so they delayed the episode claiming they were goingto mkae a longer one and had to work with time slots and whatnot.
about two weeks ago they announced it would finally Air on Oct 3rd.... a week later Funimation finally posted it.

and the part that kills me about all this is i'm not even terribly fond of the show.

See i started writing these things solely because i have a tendancy to avoid completing things.
I'll play right up to a final boss and then walk away
i'll read 7/8th of a book then switch to something new.
and with anime i'll tend to watch till episode 11 then just stop or forget about it.

So to combat this i started writing these with one condition.
I could only talk about things i actually finished (except the first impressions ones but those are once a season) Unless i planned to drop the series entirely and never pick it up again.
This show isn't bad enough to warrent being dropped... at 11 episodes it's mediocre at best but i was still curious to see if a final episode could pull it all together... so i had to stop myself from talkign abotu it and forming a set in stone opinion.
but then it took 3 months to air and yeah i definitely have a pretty solid opinion.  However that could change with the final episode.... but i'm not holding my breath.

The final episode doens't even have the intro song...
I am unimpressed.

I was going to save this for later but now is a good time, i mostly watched the show cause the intro song is really good.
Bump Of Chicken is just an incredibly talented band and the main singers voice is just such a joy to listen to.
I have said in the past that i forgive a lot for good music... this show is probably the epitome of that point...
now the show isn't bad... i just don't care... about anything... the characters, the plots, the little stories.
It reminds me so much of Cowboy Bebop but only it's trying so hard it's painful to sit through.
It's all these little stories that are simply connected by the fact that it's happening to the characters but unlike Bebop i'm never presented a reason to care and so i never do.
The most interesting characters are Black and White and even then... their story gets so rediculous that it ruins any good their origin story provided.
and i have said from day one that if i don't care about the characters i wont really care about anythign else.

okay lets get back to watching episode 12 and hoping the wait was worth it.
well took them 30 mins but at least they are playing the song that is also the name of the episode
also past the 30 min mark the animation takes a nose dive for a few minutes...
SO thats it...
and in the end... nothing is explained... nothing happens and it all reeks of trying way too damn hard.
i'm sure the manga is better since i know it has a lot of fans... but this show was a rushed mess that in the end accomplishes nothing...

It's not terrible... but it's not worth your time since nothing is accomplished at all at any point.
IN FACT, the very last moment of this show pretty much spit in the face for anything the show HAD tried to accomplish....

So yeah in the end the mediocre at best show that was trying way too hard from day one was exactly what i expected... i'm going to go listen to Hello, World and Karma for a bit and then go back to watching first episodes of the new season.

and if you like the idea of crazy characters in a crazy world and their little stories that manage to weave into a single interesting narrative... watch Cowboy Bebop (i mean if you haven't already) since that is obviously what this show was trying to be from the start.

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