Sunday, 27 September 2015


. . . It can't end there... there has to be a season 2

Ok putting that ending aside i'm going to be completely honest.

When i first saw the art for this show i figured i wouldn't like it...
shows with more realistic proportions and dark and gritty themes tend to get boring and predictable really fast for me... not to mention the amount of drugs and smoking and prostitutes... it's just not the type of show i tend to enjoy.
Still i really am trying to give everything a fair chance... so i started watching it and i was stunned.
First off, the intro song is really good and while not wholly indicative of what the show is going to be like it gets the basic point across.
Second, when the main character Worwick began to speak i knew instantly who it was... It's the first time i've had such a strong sense of recognition towards Junichi Suwabe so that was kind of exciting... i like being able to pick new voices (especially when it's a voice actor that for years i've been trying to recognize)

This, the other character Nicholas spends most of the episode completely silent and the reveal for why was absolutely beautiful. Never have i seen a character who has that trait be treated so well in any medium let alone Anime.

The animation is lovely... the music is Dubsteppy (which i tend to hate but it really works in this) The story is well told and well revealed since a lot of the show focuses on events in the past affecting their current world setup.

That ending was cruel... mostly becuase season 2 hasn't been officially announced yet... i seriously hope it gets announced soon... cause yeah... i yelled when the end credits started...
the ending song is really good too...

So yeah if i had to pick a show that i would be least likely to enjoy it would be this... and it's right up there for being my fav show this season... right along with Snow White with the Red Hair, My LOVE Story!! and Durarara!! X2.2
so yeah i guess my taste is a little all over the place this season...

and i actually think this is the final show i'll end up completing for Sumer 2015... i have dropped quite a few titles (overlord, Ushio and Tora, actually i am, and Rinne) all for pretty much the same reason... really really boring or every episode was just the same thing.
So i think this means i'm not continuing anything into Winter 2015...well other then the stuff thats getting a season 2 after taking a break... Noragami, Haikyuu and Seraph of the end come to mind.

So yeah thank you for putting up with these over the past few days... You can watch Gangsta on Funimation (and i think on Crunchyroll if you not in North America? not entirely sure about that)

Edit: . . . what do you mean Manglobe is bankrupt?
. . . okay so here's hoping bones picks this show up for Season 2.... wow i am so sad about this news.

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