Thursday, 24 September 2015

Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing

But i'll probably call it Last Exile 2 or just Fam.

Story time.
I really enjoyed Last exile, so when i came across Last Exile 2 on funimation's website a few years ago i was really excited.
I didn't even make it 5 minutes into the episode... it has a girl in her underwear sleepwalk off a airship for no reason other then cutesy moe crap.
I was heartbroken... those first few minutes spit so hard in the face of everything that was amazing about season 1.
I stopped watching and just forgot it existed.
last Holiday sale season rightstuff had last exile 2 for a good price, i was still unsure but my friend reassured me that it was actually a pretty good show.
Same friend who recommended School days so i took his recommendation with a grain of salt but he mentioned something about liking how the war was handled.
So i gave it a shot... bought it and then put it to the bottom of my rightstuff pile.

Quickly i better describe the plot before i got off on tangents.

Fam and Gizelle are sky pirates, they capture federation airships (skyfish) in a way of asserting their power and stopping the federation from abusing their power.
By chance they come across the Silvius, a mysterious skyfish that is unlike any other in the land... after trying to catch it they end up it's captors and make a deal with the captain Tatiana to capture 1 skyfish for every year Fam has been alive... 
She works diligently towards this goal since it could be a step towards holding another grand race between all the nations. 

I'm leaving out a lot but i found explaining all the different elements to the plot just make it feel like it makes no sense

So now considering i have seen the entire series do i have anything to say?
Yeah.... to the person who decided to have the first 5 minutes be moe crap.... F*ck you
Those first 5 minutes are supposed to hook you and not only is it an insult to the previous season it's also not indicative of how the rest of the show is.
I adored this season, it's really well done... i prefer the style in season 1 but the war element is handled extremely well not to mention that when characters can't communicate because of different languages they are ACTUALLY speaking a different language.

However something did happen in the final episode that changed my overall feeling of the show.

In Season 2 Clause and Lavie are barely seen... once in a clip show episode and at the very end.
I found it a bit strange to not have them as the main characters again but hey... they wanted to do something new...
However in the final episode it's revealed WHY they can't be the main characters this time... and it litterally made me sob.
In that moment of "what did i miss?" i realized something...
I don't even remotely care about Fam or Gizei's story... it has little to no bearing on the plot and they kind of just show up at important events... granted clause had this problem to but they did a better job of explaining it in my opinion.
I loved Clause and Lavie's story... i cared about them personally more then the overall story. Fam is much more about the overall world and story and thats fine but i could feel how much i missed the characters building from season 1.
Not even starting to mention that seeing them like that had a lot of other implications that were simply heartbreaking.

Still even if i didn't care about Fam or Gizei at all i still loved the show, it was nice to see Dio and Alvis' new design was adorable (even if she had no real reason to be there)... I do wish it was about Clause an Lavie... ending with the thing thats revealed in season two... but hey in tend years if they ever did a season 3 maybe it'll be addressed then... they left it as open for a sequel as the first season was....

Side Note i only listened to the dub for about 10 seconds.... a note to directors... never make your voice actors put on fake accents... those 10 seconds were easily the most painful i have heard in a while and you know you would have gotten a better performance out of the talent if they didn't have to do it OR hire people who actually have the accent

So yeah if you get the chance watch ALL of last exile... it's a really good series.

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