Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon vol 3 (light novel)

So... i made the mistake of thinking "ah i'll just read another chapter of this before going to sleep"
These things are really quick reads... so despite only being around then 40% mark i was able to get through it in an hour... and now i have to wait till december.

So, I still really enjoy this series despite it's horrendous title... this volume did have a little more info on the world then the show did but it wasn't quite as informative as the first two volumes.

I was hoping this volume would end around the same point in the show but we have at least 1 (possibly two) more books till we get to that point... which is fine but considering they only come out every few months i just want to get to new content.
... maybe by the time we get new ontent in the books a second season will have been greenlit... that would actually make me pretty happy.

ok time to give a quick synopsis... even though that gets really hard to do once you get a few volumes into these light series.

 Bell Cranel, an adventurer who has been going into the dungeon for about a month, finds himself unable to get anywhere close to his goal no matter how much training he seems to do and must learn what it really means to be an adventurer...

Now having read this immediately after Durarara!! vol 1 I could say for certain that the writing style of Durarara is just really good and reading this which is a bit more bouncy (i'm bad at describing writing styles) was a little tricky cause it felt a little childish.
However i got used to it quick cause it really does show you the mental state of the main character and that makes for a really enjoy and incredibly quick read.

My only gripe is that the author tends to write whatever the monster noises are... once in a while thats fine but for long drawn out battles of "mroo?" and "AHHHH" it gets a little annoying.... at least to me.

Still i'm looking forward to the next arc cause i have a feeling it'll explain something the show completely glossed over.

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