Monday, 7 September 2015

The Wrath of a Shipless Pirate

(The Godlanders War Book 2)  By Arron Pogue
Full title was just a bit too long.

Anyways i'll start by saying i took forever to finish this, mostly because over the past year or so i have had no time to read.. still i'm going to try and read more every day while i have some time off work so if you have any fantasy novels you want me to give a look let me know.

Also if i spell Corin's name wrong i'm sorry it's just very similar to my cat Corwin's name.

Corin Hughes has obtained the power of dreams from the god Oberon and honestly he only has one thing on his mind. Get revenge on the man who took everything from him and tried to kill him. With help from the nimble fingers he tries to find Ethan Blake's Position. Unfortunately he has gained the attention from some familiar faces who don't know him as well as he knows them. He must evade their capture if he wants to get revenge and fulfill his promise to the sleeping god.

and thats about as spoiler free as i can make that

Despite taking far too long to get through this book i did enjoy it and it was a quick read... i also really like that since the next volume is already out i can jump right into that.

This book does suffer a bit from 'middle book syndrome' and the stakes never feel quite as high as they need to but it's so minor that i wasn't bothered too much by it and it did a great job of setting up the stakes for the next (and possibly final, i'm not entirely sure) volume in the series.
But yeah I always tend to enjoy Aaron Pogues work and i hope theres a new book waiting for me when i finish vol 3.... cause i'm greedy like that. 

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