Wednesday, 23 September 2015

My LOVE Story!!

AKA. Ore Monogatari!!

they better do another season of this... i mean i've been buying the manga so it wont matter too much but this show is just perfection.

I'm going to say this a lot over the next few days... this is one of the best shows this season.
Every week was just a joy to watch and i'm so sad that it's over (hopefully only for now)

The story follows Takeo Gouda, a gentle giant with a heart of gold, and his best friend Sunakawa Makoto. Suna is a pretty boy and every time Takeo falls inlove with a girl (which happens quite often) they always end up confessing to Suna... and they are always rejected.
This circumstance has given Takeo a bit of a complex and he's always a little worried that he will never find love... still Suna is his best friend and nothing will change that.
One day Takeo spots a groper on the train and after saving the girl he instantly falls in love.
Unfortunately Suna, who has never shown any interest in any girl, says "she's a nice girl"

You would think this would lead to an entire season of do they like each other or not drama and no... the confession (which i'm not counting as a spoiler) happens extremely early on. SO the show isn't about "will they start dating" and it's more about "how will a guy who has no self confidence when it comes to being in love deal with simple situations like holding hands, first kisses or 'rivals in love'. It makes for an extremely sweet take on the genre that never got dull.

The show is funny too... i can't even count the amount of times it had me laughing out loud. If i had to pick a fav show of the season this would probably hit number 1... maybe... i mean... durarara.... and working... and even gansta... also snow white and the red hair...
this was just a fantastic season as far as anime goes.

However i haven't even touched on my fav part.
I should start off by saying i don't tend to ever ship characters... i don't know if something is broken in my brain i just never do it... unless it's a canon relationship i don't tend to care about pairing characters up.
That all being said I wouldn't be surprised if down the line it came out that Sunakawa had feelings for Takeo, but knowing Takeo is straight and very much in love with Rinko he just decides to sit back and watch his friend be happy. Wouldn't surprise me in the least... he is the Tomoyo (from cardcaptor sakura) of this series.
Watching Suna laugh and smile and be supportive to Takeo through the entire series... it's just so cute and i want to hug him and have him be happy.

but yeah... love this show... so sad it's done (for now), i need to catch up with the manga.... which means i need to buy another shelf or sell some stuff cause i am out of space.
You can watch it all on Crunchyroll and Sentai has licensed the DVD/Bluray so that should hopefully be out soon... hm... i wonder if they did a dub who they would pick... i gotta think up a perfect cast list for fun.

Ok so i don't think anything else i'm watching finishes till saturday... but unfortunately that still means 3 shows are ending in one day... should be fun.

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