Saturday, 26 September 2015


And here i was so sure that this would be the conclusion to the whole show... looks like we (eventually) get a 1 hour special....

Um... much Like durarara this is hard to describe...
a group of people who work at a family restaurant do stuff.... it's quite funny and heartwarming and if you don't mind slice of life it's just an enjoyable watch.
But i can't stress this enough... it takes a long time for anything even resembling a plot to happen... i kinda love that about the show but it may be too slow for some.
and i gotta admit... when we do (eventually) get the 1 hour special i'll probably be a little sad... i'm always sad when fun shows end...

so yeah give it a watch, i believe it's all on crunchyroll and NISA has the license to the DVDs of the first two seasons if you want to purchase it.

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