Monday, 21 September 2015

Snow White with The Red Hair

So i am left with two options... wait 3 months for season 2 to air or get the manga and potentially read ahead...

Well i've never been the best at waiting... but i kind of enjoy going into anime blind... hm....

i'll figure something out.

OK so i want to say that this is my first anime based off snow white but the truth is... it's not... Pretear is also essentially Snow white just with 7 bishonen.
This is snow white in the sense that her name is Shirayuki... and there is a prince...
I love this show, i knew this was gunna be one of my favs this season simply by the title.

Shirayuki is a girl with extremely rare Red hair, she catches the eye of a prince and decides it's better to run away then join his concubine.

As she tries to cross into another territory she has a chance encounter with a boy named Zen who has White hair but no one seems to care about that.

Anyways ends up he's actually the prince of the neighboring country and after stuff happens he helps her cross the border. they become friends and she works hard to become a Court herbalist just so she can stay close to him.

The rest of the series is just adorable and i want more... it's just so good.

Now needless to say if you don't like shoujo this may not be your cup of tea... but it's nice to see characters who do what they want and take no shit from anyone and the falling in love aspect isn't filled with misunderstandings... it's more dealing with the huge gap in their rank and that no one approves and that both are being targeted constantly for different reasons.

It just makes me smile from ear to ear.... other then the fact i have to wait 3 months for another season... i want it now.

So yeah great show, great animation.... music could be better but just a fun time and i look forward to more in 3 months (or more accurately once i get my hands on the manga)

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