Thursday, 10 September 2015

Last Exile

Back in the day when Blockbuster still existed i would occasionally rent anime.
One of the titles they had was Last exile... unfortunately they only ever got one volume.
Still i really enjoyed what little i saw...  the art was very different from any other anime i had seen and the design of the air craft was really cool.
Fast forward a year or two... Geneon goes out of buisness in North America leaving titles stranded and and allowing other companies to jack up their price without changing quality because there was one less competitor.
However one year at a Con i used to attend every year when the dollar was at par (oh how i miss those days) there was one vendor selling off packs of Geneon DVDs for dirt cheap.
amoung the pickings was the special complete edition of Last exile (with 'mousepad' and Alvis figure) for 15 dollars.
To this day i don't think i've gotten that good a deal on anything. (well some rightstuff sales have been good but still an amazing buy)
I finally got to watch the whole show and i loved it... the ending felt really rushed but it was just so good otherwise i didn't care.

That was all about 10 years ago... maybe 9.

Last december I see rightstuff is doing there awesome christmas sale (just before our dollar tanked through the floor) and i see the second season of this... now i had watched about 3 mins of it off funimations site but stopped because wow it was so incredibly 'moe' and just... not the same show at all.
However a friend who's opinion i tend to trust (though i take with a grain of salt because he recommended i watch school days.... which i still haven't forgiven him for) who really liked season 2... so i figured why not... i'll buy and watch and i'm sure it'll be fine especially considering how cheap it is.

the catch is that it was one of many purchased shows cause in order to get free shipping to canada you have to spend a rather obscene amount on rightstuff... so because i was already hesitant it got pushed to the bottom of the pile.
About two weeks ago i finished everything else.... (reminded i got this box in December)
however it had been atleast/nearly a decade since i had seen the original show and i couldn't remember everything.

So i rewatched it and it was wonderful... the show is actually better then i remember. I had a hard time sticking to only one episode a night.

The characters are great, the art is lovely.... the animation and CG is a little outdated but considering it was made in 2003 it's pretty impressive.

My only complaint is that the DVD set isn't numbered so if you accidently put them out of order in the box you get the joy of hunting for it...

I'm still hesitant about Fam (season 2) i did watch the first episode in full and yeah... it's not the same show i remember... however i'm going to continue to try to give it a chance... different isn't bad...

I am bummed that they really upped the cute level though... the artist style is so cool and in the new season it's hard to recognize.

Oh.... plot.

Clause and Lavi are vanship pilots who go out on deliveries, it's just the two of them and they are young but they work hard. One day in the middle of a race another Vanship nearly takes them out and after checking everything out to see if the pilot is okay they find a man bleeding. He asks them to take over his delivery. They are handed Alvis Hamilton, a young girl, and told she needs to be brought aboard the Silvana... but it must be done carefully as the Guild, a group of people who control everything down on the ground, is also after her.

Clause does everything to try and keep the girl, as well as Lavi, save while trying to fulfill this 7 star mission

and yeah there is a lot more but it's better if you just watch the show. i'm pretty sure Funimation has released a set since they got the rights after Geneon went poof.

Alright... lets do this.

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