Saturday, 26 September 2015


Imagine suddenly waking up one day to find that you have supernatural powers... do you use it for good? or abuse it for self gain.
Yu Otasaka can take over anyone... but only for 5 seconds... such an incomplete ability only gets used for minor things like Cheating on a test so his crush will like him.
However a small girl, who also has an ability, catches him in the act of cheating and essentially blackmails him into never using his powers again... he also has to help with the student council who are actually a task force for finding others with abilities and stopping them from using it.

I expected this to be right up my alley... i love supernatural setting in current day and it's something Key/Visual Arts has been shown to do really well with Clannad and Kanon.
And i did enjoy it but....
I'm left pondering and thats never a good sign.
i'm pretty sure there are two reasons for this...

1. the show is a little rushed... most of the plot happening in the last few episodes... the last episode alone could have easily been an entire season...

2. Theres a point a little past midpoint in the show where i almost stopped watching. It hit a bit too close to home and after that point all i could feel was Anxiety mixed with utter rage from one line from a character who's face we don't even see.

I don't even know if i like the show cause whenever i think about the overall i focus on that line and how furious i felt.

I want to say i enjoyed most of it... in the end i am willing to bet that Clannad is better in pretty much every way.

But as i said i'm extremely torn because it has it's good moments and it's bad moments... and in the end it should have been 26 episodes... not 13...
he shouldn't have been told a certain plot twist so boldly... he should have figure it out over time... the entire final episode really should have been more focus since things happen at breakneck speed that it becomes entirely exposition.
and it should have worked harder to connect you to the story then doing extreme things seemingly out of nowhere in order to get some tears.
Was it to the point of being manipulative? I'm not entirely sure.... much like Nitroplus Key/Visual Arts runs on peoples sadness...
maybe i just feel like one company is doing a better job of earning those reactions then the other...

that or maybe Clannad really was just their best title and in my mind i still compare everything to it and nothing that they have done since has even remotely measured up.
Well at least they had PA Works do the animation this time... they did a great job.

So yeah sorry that i can't say for sure if I enjoyed it... but i don't think it's bad.... just maybe not as good as some other stuff.

Unrelated side note: Who the hell discards a White Dragon 6 turns from the end when someone is in Richi and no other white dragons have been discarded? he could have discarded it WAY sooner based on what his previous discards were like.... there was no reason to hold onto that, even if he drew it the turn before he should have discarded it then considering what the rest of his hand looked like!

Sorry it just.... bugged me...

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