Thursday, 24 September 2015


Aka Gakkou Gurashi.

My fav thing about this show was when a friend of mine asked. "whats it about" i simply said "watch this episode... no questions till the episode is done"
She live-skyped me through the whole episode and it was glorious.

This is a show where it is ESSENTIAL to go in blind... Easily one of the best takes on the Meo Girls in a Club doing 'stuff' genre.
However it is Nitroplus... those lovely folks that brought us titles like
Aldnoah Zero
Gargantia.... *suddenly remembers season 2 got cancelled... has a little cry*
and of course... Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
SO yeah moe high school funtimes + nitroplus = a whole lot of crying.

Now i know the plot has gotten out for this one cause it is fairly unique... still if you haven't heard about it or seen anything go here: and after you finish the episode keep a few things in mind.
1. can't stress this enough, Nitroplus run on people's tears...
2. Think about all the characters... and the fact that the show is trying to break your heart

I can't say anymore without major spoilers.

Is it clannad levels of sad? uh... depends on the person and what they can handle.

Is the show for everyone? no... I personally can't stand overly Moe/bubbly crap and they lay it on pretty thick in some places... however even though i Despise the Moe Girls in a Club Genre i really liked this.
Fav of the season? no.. it's really good and I'm glad i watched it but I'll probably never watch it again... it's very much a show based on experience... on that note if they did a season 2 I would watch... i don't think they will.

now I'm going to spend the rest of the night being extremely sad about no Gargantia Season 2....
Like it's been months since they announced it was canned and I'm still pouty about it.
oh well Gargantia will always be able to give me the joy of going "ah... you stopped on ep7" and watching the colour drain from peoples face and then calling them out on why they should watch the rest before basing their opinion on one scene.
Good times....

But yeah if you do know the main plot to School-live!! and haven't watched it... maybe give it a watch later when you have nothing else and just marathon it... it's best to go in blind but you can still go in knowing more then the show wants you to and have a good time.

Well as good a time as Nitroplus will let you.... evil evil wonderful company.

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