Saturday, 19 September 2015

Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers-

Many years ago there was a demon lord and a goddess.
The demon lord seemed to take pleasure in nothing more then destruction and chaos.
The goddess decided to imbue her power in 6 warriors who would work together to seal the demon lord... however the seal was never perfect and the threat never fully dealt with.
only one thing has been consistant every time...
there are only ever 6 warriors.

Yet this time 7 show up at the promised meeting place.
one must be a fake.
And thats pretty much the plot of the first season, i am positive this will get a season two (cause if it doesn't then that would really leave some major plot threads hanging)

I'm not going to spoil who the 7th brave is... but i did call it... and that makes me really happy. I guess i just enjoy being right... kinda sad i didn't enter the contest crunchy was running to guess which one it was.

but was the show good?
it wasn't bad... the animation varies from being quite nice to being done by novices... the music is pretty fitting and the mystery sticks through till the end... the only reason i guessed right because i thought of it like "who would i make the 7th brave"

I do wish more plot happened... aside from figuring out who the 7th is because theres still this demon lord that needs dealing with and yeah.... also what happens in the final episode was kinda BS... i think it may have been smarter to drop it and just deal with whats ahead.

still it was an enjoyable show and i'm glad i watched it.
It's all on crunchyroll and if you want an fun little fantasy mystery it's worth a watch...
I do see that Pony Canyon licensed it in North america.... well lets just hope they don't pull the same stunt that they pulled with that magical boy anime since this is a very niche title and not many people watched it... i doubt they'll spend 50-70 a disk (with 4 episodes per) so yeah lets hope they wisen up (or they won't and then not sell anything and then stop licensing stuff here, i'd be okay with that)

as for season 2... i hope it's not just a rehash of season 1... but i have a sinking suspicion that's exactly what it's going to be... still as long as i have a chance to be right again... i'll take that risk.

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