Sunday, 29 June 2014

Brynhildr in the Darkness [major spoilers]

Boy that got really stupid really fast.

Hell the last few episodes had stuff that normally triggers panic attacks in me but i was too busy face palming at the dumb that it didn't bother me.... that and it wasn't in space so.... yeah...
Granted when the black hole showed up i wasn't happy but again... the sheer amount of dumb kept my emotions in check.

This show did have potential though.

TL;dr: I did not like this show, i felt it needed to either be longer or less convenient as well as it needed less plot threads that need to be resolved in a rush.

[Let it be known that from here on i spoil the show cause i can't talk about the stupid without mentioning it]

The premise is that there are witches in this world... Girls who have undergone experimentation and through this process have gained magical abilities.
however the world sees them as hidden test subjects and they are kept under lock and key.

One day when transporting some witches from one facility to another a truck was turned over and many witches escaped.
However these are all just teenage girls who want to live a normal life so they try their best to blend into society while dodging the organizations on their tail...

ending there we could have had a neat little concept show..... but it does stop there.

Rewind to many years (10 i think) in the past and Ryota is playing with his friend Kuroneko.
There is an accident where they slip off the side of a faculty building. ryota is saved by kuroneko but as he is discharged from hospital he learns that she died that day.
having perfectly eidetic memory it is impossible for him to forget his friend from childhood and more traumatically he can't forget the day she died.
however back in present day theres a transfer student who looks exactly like her and he does his best to try and find out if it is actually her even though she acts like she doesn't know him.

However the real reason the girl transferred in is cause she is one of the escaped witches and along with her friend who's magic is to predict who will die and how... so the girl joins the school to stop them from dying.
through ryota's sheer stupidity when he is told he'll die if he does a certain.... he figures why not do it anyway.... so the transfer, who goes by Neko, has to reveal herself to him as a witch and now he will be killed if they find out he has connections to witches.

Okay.... the story could still have been interesting.... theres nothing too stupid yet...
too bad i'm not done.

There are a few things about the witches... they have this thing in their neck which keeps them from turning into goo. they also have to take pills every 12-24 hours (depending on how much magic they have used) to again stop from turning into goo.... these pills are not readily available though so most of these witches only have a few days to live until they run out of medicine.

ok we are still good.... and still not done.

Inside the thingy in their neck is an alien.
mmm kay thats stupid.

Yes theres an alien, it's using the girls as host and they will eventualyl hatch cause reasons and theres one alien with the power to reset all life on earth making it the god alien and this god alien is defeated by a push of a button.

oh and theres a witch who can create antimatter cause..... why not.
also black holes are consiquence free... well other then the memory thing i guess...
oh and theirs an orginization that wants to kill all the witches but they show up in the last few eps and add nothing to the plot and kill no witches.
you know what this feels like?
it's like when you are young and you roleplay a story
and you wanna keep upping the anti and you don't care about things like god moding
so you just go "well i'me a witch"
"well i'm an alien witch!"
"well i'm an alien witch who can use every type of magic!"
"well i'm an alien wicth who can also use any type of magic and i'm better then you cause reasons!"
and it just gets so stupid
resolutions are pulled out of nowhere constantly.

and the worst part..... i'm not done explaining plot.
one of the witches is also been planted with the soul of the sister of the guy who runs the place that makes witches..... and theres an all powerful witch who can only be beaten by her colour swap....

just Ugh... I hit a point where i almost stopped (right around where the intro changes) simple because i couldn't stand how serious it was taking itself.

also fun fact that second intro SUCKS.
Granted i'm not a fan of Screamo but i'm also not a fan of dubstep which is what i would consider the first intro.... but i enjoyed the first intro...

so yeah.... this show could have been good..... but it's not... at least not in my opinion.

The good:
it's colourful and the piano version of the dubstep song is really pretty.

The not so good:
because girls litterally melt and get cut in half there is a lot of censorship.
when they melt theres white smoke everywhere... when they get cut up it's a black smudge.... it just looks rediculous..... but it's not the funniest part.... all the nuditiy is censored by blinding glares of light.... and it's pretty humours even though it's not supposed to be... it's just like "oh no you pulled off my top and now light from the heavens in shining from my bust.

The terrible:
*points to the spoiler filled ranty bit* it just got too stupid and too convenient. when a problem is introduced but then immediately solved... thats not good story telling... simply saying "oh i can do this thing" is not good storytelling. it felt really rushed but it also didn't leave an opening for another season.... i mean it does but not really cause obviously time has passed.

But still make your own opinion [even though i spoiled a lot i left out key things], the entire series is available on crunchyroll (though you'll have to wait a week from when this is posted to see the last episode if you are not a premium member)

they kinda hint that maybe there will be a season two... i don't see how but whatever... i'm done with this show.
also i'll be catching up on things cause Summer Games done quick became my BG noise for the week so now i need to catch up on the normal BG noise... but yeah... also means catching up on shows... may end up doing a bunch of these rambles in a row.

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