Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Dropped: Yowapeda

so... two seasons ago i was surprised by how enjoyable this show was.
then it started to peter off as they trained for the interhigh.
and then the interhigh hit... and i just couldnt' stomach it anymore.

what is it about sport shows that start of interesting then bore me to tears.... i worry about kuroko going down this path in the next season as well.

so far the only sports shows i have enjoyed have had a protagonist that is way out of their league but through sheer force of will and love of what they are doing they find the strength to be amoung their peers.
well other then Chihayafuru which she starts terrible but within the first chunk of the show we know she is one of the highest ranked karuta players around and could potentially one day beat the queen.... but she has been training for years so it's buyable.

the other shows all seem to have done one other thing (minus Haikyuu since we are still early on and it's still pretty damn good)
they have all forgotten who the main character is.
i get it... sports are a team thing... that means lots of characters and rivals who all deserve some attention... but so often too much focus is on the side characters that the show loses focus.

Kuroko no basket is more about Kagami being in the zone constantly as opposed to Kuroko trying to push his limits.... when kuroko gets a moment they are great... but they are so rare in the later episodes and i've been warned it continues that trend in the book.
also they started naming moves.... that is a sure fire way to kill a sports show for me.... ignite pass kai?  like... seriously? stop it.

This show the main character is the focus for maybe 4 or 5 of the last seasons eps that i saw.... the rest theres a guy just screaming abs over and over and he's even named them and theres a creepy guy who is just amazing cause reasons and he's a jerkface. the climber part of the interhigh wasn't too bad but again onoda had a chance to shine...
it's just.... so boring.
the story has gotten so out there and yet so dull...
then i forgot about watchign it... .and even up falling 5 episodes behind by the end.
1 ep i'll still probably catch up
2 episodes it's getting dangerous but i'll still probably go back to it.
3? well... it's possible but unlikely
4..... almost never
5..... maybe a 1% chance.... but i obviously don't care...

and thats the thing
i don't care
i don't care about the results of the interhigh
i don't care how everyone does
i'm bored.... and i have better shows to watch.

it's not a bad show.... I am just extremly picky when it comes to sport shows.

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