Saturday, 12 July 2014


Late to the Party much?

So I really love going to movies but i don't get to do it much because
1. honestly.... theres not much i wanna see  most of the time.... if you can't tell by now i'm more then a little picky.
2. Tickets in my area range from 15-30 bucks... 15 if i just want to have the express privilege of watching the film and 30 if i wanna go Imax/3D/VIP.... that is a lot of money to spend on something that more then likely.... i'm not going to like.

So i tend to just wait for the film to show up on a free venue like Netflix or Movie Network.... and thats how we find ourselves here.

Now i will say i have had the entire film spoiled for me.... Thanks Tumblr.
Still all my friends had seen it and had opinions and because i had not actually seen the film myself i held back... i knew how i felt about the songs i had heard and the character designs but that was all i let myself have an opinion on.

Now i can have all the opinions I want.... yay~

Frozen is a loose adaptation of the Ice Queen by Hans Christian Anderson (i can't be the only one who sing that name thanks to that one movie which the title is escaping me) Anna and Elsa are Princesses of Arindale? Arendelle (according to Wikipedia)
Elsa was born with Ice magic and accidently hits her sister with it... the solution? Take away Anna's memories of magic and then hide it from her cause that'll never backfire.
Until it does.... oops.
The day of her coronation through a combination of nerves and anger she accidentally lets out a uncontrolled burst of magic and flees the kingdom in the worry that she may hurt someone.
Anna must go and convince her sister that it'll all be okay through a series of really stupid choices by a naive little girl.

Other stuff happens but you know what? i'm the last person on earth who hasn't seen this film.... so i don't need to tell you.

What did i think?
I liked it.

I'm surprised i liked it but i did.

Everythings not perfect, i do not particularly care for the songs... they felt more like a song you'd hear on a tv show. they were a bit more sing songy thendisneys other films where it feels more like we are talking to each other it just happens to be through song....
not sure i'm making any sense.
I did end up liking Let it go after hearing it a few times but even it has some funny bits that don't mesh well (in the film version, the credit/radio cut sounds much better)

The ice effects were stunning... absolutely lovely and you can tell they had a lot of fun with it.

I don't really like how close Anna and Elsa look like each other (and their mother and Rapunzel and Rapunzel's mother) I get that they are sisters but they look like clones... it smacks of lazy character design.... i know it's the main artists style and ALL his characters for disney have had a certain look i just find it really obvious in the 3D disney films. (and i'm not the only one)

I think the story was good.... barring Anna's sheer stupidity in some scenes. (who goes out in a snow storm alone after never leaving the castle for years....... who does that?!)
The back and forth between the kingdom and mountain felt a bit.... i dunno there was too much of it. or characters get places and get back faster then others and it's just.... hard to explain.

Still it was sweet... is it my fav disney movie? no.... that honor goes to black couldron.... maybe.... I remember i asked to watch it the most at my grandparents house but i have no memory of the film...
I actually don't have a fav disney film (at least.... i don't remember if i do?) cause most of them are pretty good.
Would i watch it again? maybe... i think (just to compare it to another film)Tangled was better.... especially the music.... but this was better then Brave (which i know is disney pixar) so that's good.

but yeah... glad i finally saw it and got to talk about all my vague nonsense opinions.... good times.

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