Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Black Bullet

well it's the end of season one at least.,, they have hinted at a sequel but honestly.... i don't knowif it's good enough to warrent it.

it's not a bad show....
but if i were to describe it I would call it Attack on Titans with bugs and little girls to add a little touch of gunslinger girl.

The world was attacked by these bugs known as Gastrea forcing humanity to build sities with pillars of Veranium surrounding them cause the bugs don't like it. In the initial attak any women who were pregnant gave birth to girls with red eyes who have hightened abilities and are the only thing that can stop the gastrea... each girl is paired up with someone older who will both be their partner and keep them in check.... the girls are teachically infected and could turn into gastrea at any moment.
infact if normal people get infected they turn into the giant bugs very quickly. (though it's only shown once)

it's a neat idea... not a fan of the little girl aspect because the main character is male and all the girls adore him to a point where some scenes get really really really creepy.

the problem with it is that they throw too much other stuff at you and expect you to care.... or they kill off characters shortly after introducing them but again they don't give you a reason to feel anything cause you don't know them well enough. the ending of this season is especially rushed and the last little chunk before the conclusion was so out of left field it could have been it's own 6-13 episode arc. I get it... it's sequel bait but it just wasn't built up enough... it was just suddenly "fun fact i'm like this now"

The good:
Animation is quite nice and full of colour.
Music, though the songs have a very attack on titan vibe to them with harsh bits clashing with more singsongy bits.... it's a good song but it hard to get away from compairing it.
the base of the story is good, just too much additional stuff... sometimes more is just more

The not so good:
some parts that should be action packed drag and other are over way too fast. characters come and go with little to no consequence and after 13 episodes i don't know as much about this world as i should... again i get it... leaving stuff for season two but this may not get a second season.

the bad:
Little girl.... so many.... all clinging to him... it's just a little gross... Tina and Enju are the worst but everyone seems to be wanting Rentaro and yeah... just stop.

The show is okay, love the intro and ending but the rest is honestly pretty forgettable... i worry that if season 2 does come out i wont remember or care enough to watch it.
still it's all available on Crunchyroll.

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