Sunday, 27 July 2014

Toradora - Dub

Once of the first titles NISA licensed was Toradora
It was Sub only and in a funny shaped box but it was the start of something wonderful.

Recently they did something i never though would happen... they annouced that they would re-release it as a bluray with a dub.
My head damn near exploded i was so happy.

I know a lot of people loath Dubs, depending on the title i can be one of them but i do believe in giving a dub a fair chance. There are a handful of titles where i prefer the dub (Princess tutu immediately comes to mind since a lot of the japanese puns will go over someones head and the english did a wonderful job of translating the puns in a way where the jokes make sense) also i've liked NISA's dubbing of video games (for the most part, no one is perfect) so yeah... i was looking forward to this.

I ordered it almost immediately and it arrived a few days ago, i made sure the dub was selected and then i couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear.
The dub is practically perfect.
The voices fit so well. I especially love Taiga and Kitamura's voice... i dunno it was just the second i hear it i felt that yeah, that is the best voice for them. Especially Jhonny Yong Bosch, first i have to laugh that he is in every dub ever (well pretty much) and he just so perfectly fits Kitamura.
Another thing i loved about this was that the menu design was really nice.... i know thats a strange thing to talk about but i really liked it.
On the other hand the bluray is on 4 disk, broken up as 1-9, 10-13, 14-22, 23-25+OVA
I don't understand this... espeically since the disks with more episodes also have the extra features.
i dunno why not do it over 3 disks and then a fourth for extras if you really must have 4
Also.... i love the box but it's a different size then the other Nisa boxes...  it's not gunna be alone in being different cause CCS will arrive soon (which also has a new dub i am so happy) but still... big box : (

Other then that if you don't own Toradora and are curious about it or want to hear the dub go to Crunchyroll and the first 6 episodes are available free and if you like it you can either go premium on Crunchyroll or buy the box set.

One other thing i should mention... If NISA re-releases natsume's book of friends with a dub.... I will be the happiest fangirl in the world.... and i will buy it so fast despite already owning all the permium editions. that is how much i love that show... it's kinda pathetic.

But yeah check out the dub, it's pretty good (in my opinion)

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