Monday, 28 March 2016

Snow White with the Red Hair

First off... the final episode says "Fin"
Nope... sorry, i have read ahead... and this is just where the story gets good. i don't think there was enough for another 24 episodes but you know what? i wont be surprised if in a few years we get another two cours from this.

but i have a feeling i am getting way ahead of myself.

Snow White with the Red hair is about Shirayuki (pretty much litteral translation of snow white) who has red hair...
much like Adol Christin, this red hair draws all the attention and wonder as all the other characters marvel at this hair colour (you know... despite the fact that one has like blue green hair and the other has silver.... i guess thats also similar to how Adol is treated)

however the show is only about that on the surface, it's really about her relationship with the prince as she tries to become a court apothecary without using her friendship to boost her status. 

It is one of the sweetest shoujo shows i've seen in a while, the relationship never feels forced and theres none of that BS misunderstanding stuff. Shirayuki does occasionally get kidnapped (again red hair AND friend to the prince) but she always manages to do everything in her power to not be a damsel in distress... even when she is in way over her head.

The animation is stunning... the music is a mixed bag... most of the tracks are really fitting but i don't know how many i would want to listen to out of context... and finally the story is just a perfect bag of adorableness.

I love this show.
if Natsume Yuujinchou Go wasn't a thing that was happening this fall this would probably be my fav shoujo show of the year (still may win for romantic shoujo i guess)

However speaking of Natsume Yuujinchou getting a 5th season after 4 years.... that is pretty much what i'm basing my "this isn't Fin no matter how much you say it is" argument on.
currently the manga is in a rather long arc and even after finishing that we are probably going to need another arc to fill a full 24 episodes.
this happens a lot, shows take breaks in order for the source material to get ahead... look at Attack on titan... just not getting season 2... how long has it been despite the popularity of it?
I know eventually we will get more of this adorableness... or at least i'm going to keep holding onto that hope.

for now you can watch this show over on Funimation which i highly reccomend you do

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