Saturday, 28 February 2015

A New Chapter

Starting on Monday i start a new job that should run through till the end of august/beginning of September.
What does this mean?
I'll be a little less active... i'll still do my posts about when i finish things and first impressions and whatnot but if this show is anything like the other shows i've worked on I am going to hit a point where all i do when i get home is eat and then sleep.
But i will still be around, I will be posting on twitter because i can, i will be working on this webcomic thing (trying to get as much of a buffer so that when i am too tired to work i don't have to worry about missing my self imposed deadlines)

i'll be honest, i'm worried about this show. I'm already in a position where i don't know if i want to continue in this industry and i don't want this to be the thing that pushes me over the edge. i've seen people have mental breakdowns and i don't want to be like that.
I'm also worried that like the last project i worked on my body may not be able to handle it.... i have been off for nearly a year (sprinkled with some weeks at tiny tv shows) and i still feel the pain from the last show.. i am still broken... and i kind of need my arms to work so i can make art.

hopefully it all goes well... then hopefully i can do some travel before going back to work... if i decide to continue this route.
hopefully people get a kick out of my little fan webcomic thingy which you can get a sneak peak over on patreon (for free cause it's odd charging for fanart)
but yeah... i'm scared but hopeful about the next 6 months... we will see.

but yeah in the end not too much changes... just a little quieter.

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