Thursday, 12 February 2015

Figure Photoshoot: Snow Miku 2014

I enjoy vocaloids
I'm not a huge fan, but i play the project diva games and have a couple of figures...
well two
a figma that my friend broke (gotta love when you tell people 'don't force it' and they do anyways) and this miku.

Anyways when i saw the 2014 design candidates i knew that if this one won i just had to own it cause it's so cute!

and it ended up being one of my most expensive nendos... but it's still really cute.

quick side note: screw UPS charging handling that was damn near double the shipping cost.... yeah wont be ordering from good smile again... ami ami all the way~

anyways not cheap but utterly adorable.

The hat is magnetic so it actually stays on pretty well and she had a lot of parts... including a big book that holds all her parts (all nendo's should have this)

and some close ups

I also love that when up open the book it doubles as a stand

any my fav pic of the day
i just think she's so cute without the hat

I was also gunan take pictures of hibiki, flonne and sakura but the light started to die down and my cats were annoyed that i wasn't paying attention to them. hopefully tomorrow... if not then later.
In other news i'm writing a fan comic... cause i'm crazy... i'll post completed chapters all in one post for those who are curious... otherwise it'll be page by page on patreon and maybe deviantart.

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