Sunday, 1 February 2015

Figure Photoshoot: Matoba Seiji

I have a lot of figures i haven't taken pictures of... here's another one from Natsume Yuujinchou.

Matoba seiji is one of the only characters i know that has made me go from hating/fearing his appearances in the series to loving him... he still is creepy but he is much better in my eyes compaired to another character who i now hate.

anyways.... pictures~
i wish his figure had more movement to it but i still think it's a nice banpresto figure.

and some close ups~

and my fav shot of this particular figure.
I hope one day i'm able to get the few remaining banpresto figures i want (tanuma in a yukata, Natsume in the blue kimono with a piece of paper in his mouth) but for now it was fun taking pictures of this one.

the other figures i have taken pictures of are from kuroko's basketball. so should get those up over the next couple of days.
hope you enjoy it!

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