Saturday, 31 January 2015

Figure Photoshoot: Natsume Takashi

I honestly never thought i would own this figure.

Story time.

I didn't start watching Natsume Yuujinchou (aka Natsume's book of friends) till about half a year before season 3 came out.
while i liked the show i was sad that it just kinda ended... it was a sweet chill show but pointless... (read as i wasn't as much of a fan as i am now)

So when the original version of this figure came out i didn't get a chance to buy it... it was long sold out by the time i saw episode 1.

however when i did become a huge fan of the show i found out about the original sculpt and the pose was just so lovely... based on the artwork that had gotten me to watch the show in the first place... only instead of being the 60-70 dollars that it was when it first came out it was 300-500

now... this is my favourite show. when it ends i will probably be very sad for an inordinate amount of time... but even I can't justify spending that kind of money one plastic.... hell the most expensive figure i own is 150 and it was a gift... it has to be something special for me to spend even 80 bucks on a figure... i just couldn't justify it. also with people selling figures versus reputable stores there is a high chance of counterfeit... so yeah.

However one day a reputable seller was selling it for 150.
i stared and mulled over that price for a long time... i went to look at a site that documents both legit and fake figures to help make sure it was real and i saw something amazing in the comments.

"there is a rumor going around that this is getting a re-release"
I felt myself freeze, a re-release? could i be so lucky that my fav figure for my fav show may come out again and i can buy him for the 60-70 he is worth?
so i watched and waited.... and a month or two later the grey sculpt was previewed and i swear i felt like crying.
I was stunned that i was actually going to be able to own this figure that i had wanted for 3 years.
So i told one friend who i knew also wanted the figure and then another friend who visits the same figure site as me so if he saw it first he could let me know.

and again.... i waited... and i may have checked the sites daily just to be sure.

fast forward again and the friend who also wanted the figure was over... and we were re-watching the show (cause we do that a lot) and it hit me "i haven't checked the site today... it's probably notthere but lets hit refresh------" and i was stunned... it was the top one.
i'm pretty sure i made a noise that didn't make sense cause i was just too stunned and then immediately went into buy mode.
Then i passed the laptop to my friend "he's out"

and then waiting again.... he was delayed a few months but he was worth it. the sculpt is actually nicer then the original one... it looks exactly like the show.

but yeah thats my story of how pathetic i get when it involves a figure i have wanted for so long.

picture time (and there are a lot, not sorry)
The sunlight was so strong but i love shooting in natural night... but look how pretty... and from every angle.

but time for some close ups

and a few more for good measure

however that kimono around his shoulder... it comes off

and a little nyanko love
i love this figure so much.
okay more figure photoshoot on the way over the next few days cause we have had some great lighting.
hope you enjoy these.

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