Sunday, 4 January 2015


I will write this later, i have a wedding to attend! (got re invited at quite literally the last minute)
Too long don't write: it's good, the extremeness of the gender roles are silly but it's still fun

~next day~
 Ok... so story time.
A few months ago (2 i think?) i get a text from my friends Fiancee asking if i can go to her wedding. I was told it would be small and chill and would be followed by skating.
this sounded lovely, i ordered a dress and then proceeded to procrastinate on everything else.
About a week before the wedding i finally realized that i'm going to have to go buy everything otherwise i'll run out of time with holidays and whatnot.
Quite literally as i'm walking out the door i look at my phone as see a text. "sorry, we made a mistake in numbers... I'm going to have to uninvite you. i'm sorry i'll make it up to you"
. . . awww... i was gunna skate in a pretty dress..... it was going to be fun..... awwwwwwww. *sighs* well at least now i don't have to go shopping (i hate shopping)
Also AGDQ starts that day so i can be bummed and watch speed runs.
fast forward to yesterday and as i'm reading otomen i hear my phone go off. "If thats my friend.... he's a dead man" so i check my phone. "son of a-"
i still only had the dress... i didn't get a haircut... there was so much to do and i only had 7 hours.
so i just rushed to the mall, did everything as fast as possible (except haircut... hair is so long... *sobs*)
in the end i made it, all my friends (i should mention i'm more a friend with the groom so a lot of my friends are male as well) were surprised by my girlyness. and after the wedding we went skating... the rink was the ring around a park and it was snowing so it was very pretty and fun but really cold... especially in a dress. After a few laps (and after the bride and groom finished skating) a bunch of us went to the best mans house and played Smash.
cause thats what adults do... right?

Anways yesterday was very fun, super quick Otomen blurb.

Otomen is a comedy manga that deals with the manliest looking man ever, twist is he loves all sorts of girly things.
He is in love with Ryo, a living beautiful woman... who is tough as nails and will kick your ass if you piss her off.
Along the way we meet a manga artist who is basing his story off the main two only he's flipping the genders, a rival in kendo who really just want to do everyones makeup, A guy who loves flowers a bit too much, A guy who constantly get mistaken for a gril no matter how manly he tries to act. Singers who apparently used to sign as girls but now they try and sing as Visual Key or rockers and probably some others i can't think of.

Essentially in this world Gender roles are all anyone focuses on.
it can get a little silly. The main guys mother actually faints when her sun isn't manly enough.
He gets picked as Valedictorian simply because he is the most manly.
still it has a charm and sweetness to it that other comedy shows tend to miss.  So yeah i enjoyed it, despite the silly.

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