Tuesday, 20 January 2015


So Rightstuf has free shipping....
only it costs an arm and a leg to get to that point.

So this was a title to kind of pad out my order so i could get it over the threshold... the concept looks sweet enough and the price was cheap so hey... why not.

Now i remember why i watch everything on Funi or Crunchy before buying.

This show isn't terrible... but it has no idea what it wants to be.

The base concept is a boy with a weapon designed for killing implanted in his arm is told to take care of a little girl from a rich and powerful family.

But thats not what it's actually about... it's about a boy who is given care of this girl who has no knowledge of the outside world and he teaches her about it... then she goes back a changed person...

yeah... thats fine but i would have much rathered a story about a killer trying to learn to care for something instead of destroy it.

there is also this sub plot about the kid falling in love but... um she's 7....
luckily it remains innocent but still... why focus on it so much?

so yeah not a terrible show but a waste of a neat hook.

the intro song i pretty cool though... kinda wish the whole show was done in it's art style since the animation otherwise is kinda bland.
but yeah... a little disappointed...
oh well eccentric family arrived yesterday... so thats gunna be a fun rewatch. love that show so much

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