Friday, 30 January 2015

Mononoke (medicine seller)

I am not sure what to say about this show other then it happened.

What i do know is this... it's not a show i would ever recommend to people... like even if i really knew their taste i would be reticent to not only tell them to watch it but admit i had watched and enjoyed it.

It's a great show
it's Artsy as hell... and difficult to stomach... but still a great show.

uh... okay so basically the medicine seller (kusuriuri) slays Mononoke (ayakashi/yokai/monsters that have taken on a humans grudge) by finding their shape, truth and reason.
this tends to take 2-3 episodes to figure out and a lot of people tend to die.

however in the end things that shouldn't be in the world are destroy ed and the medicine seller moves on to the next place.

This show is very strange and even though nothing too horrendous or explicitly shown it is all very graphic.
if you don't want to see an artistic interpretation of someone giving birth or being forced to have an abortion... do not what this show.
if you don't like people vomiting live animals because it's their greatest fear do not watch this show.

if you wanna see a badass solve problems, sometimes with a lot of underlying snark then this is the show for you... unfortunately that doesn't comes into full effect till after halfway into the show.

still despite the sheer amount of WTF i enjoyed this show
i had to take breaks between arcs because... i just couldn't stomach too much at once... and i have to be in good health... tried watching it with a fever and that was a bad idea.

but yeah... i enjoyed it... one of my favourites? probably not... or at least i need to watch it a few more times.
still the art is lovely and the parts that are good are really good.

but yeah.... wtf man.

side note: the ending made me yell... it's not a good ending.... but japan is not terribly good at those anyways.

okay.... i need to think about what i just watched.....

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