Saturday, 17 January 2015

Sailor Moon Crystal Part 1

Normally i wait for these to be over or have a break in seasons....
but considering it's taken half a year to get here and if they do all the other arcs at the same pace it'll be another year and a half to two years before i can talk about it.... screw that i have things i want to say.

I am a Sailor Moon fan, it's the first anime i remember loving. I have been watching since i was 7 and i continued to enjoy it far past anyone else i knew.
Do i know every little detail? no.
Do i debate canon or pairings or implications of what characters say? no.
But still i really enjoy it.

When crystal was announced i was so excited... i hoped it would be a continuation of the story because they have already spent 200 episodes going over the stuff in the manga.
yeah it's different but seriously it was done, why not explore what happens after?
but it ended up being (as i expected) a more accurate retelling of the manga.

Okay... thats fine but there was one thing i worried about.

because of the lack of filler and breakneck pace it feels like everyone is devoid of character.
The original anime the girls had personality, they didn't always get along, they had their likes and dislikes and their own life outside of being a sailor senshi.
I am finding in crystal the girls have been brought down to their main character trait... essentially: Whiny, Smart, Psychic, Strong, and Pretty.
some thing for the villans...
Angry, Angry, Angry, Anger/kind of remembers the past, no i can't fight him, and Juealous.
Granted this show does give the main four villans a bit more connection to endimynion then the original shows but still.

but other then that the show is okay right?
the animation... for a Bi-monthly show it's really quite poor... especially considering other shows (pretty much anything by Aniplex or A1 or KyoAni) that are weekly look gorgeous. I don't know if this is just cause Toei just doesn't have the talent or the budget but it just looks awful. I mean the original anime had some derpy episodes but for the most part it was pretty good.
and don't get me started on the rubber looking transformation sequences.
Serious Toei stop with the CG, you are bad at it. I have never seen a Toei show with decent CG.

but anyways... i want to love this show, i really do... but i'm just so bored... the senshi are so bland, maybe it'll be better in the second arc cause the only new characters are chibi usa and the villians... but yeah i'm sad about the overall quality and how it really feels like a cash grab... i mean looks at all the merch it's getting ridiculous.

still hoping season 2 is better...

Also first impressions of winter 2015 should be up soon, just making sure i try to check out everything.

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