Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

I love fire emblem.
I was introduced to it (like most in north america) through Smash bros melee and when i started seeing commercials for it i just had to pick it up and play.

AND boy is it unforgiving.
but you know what... it was memorable.

I am stubborn and considering death is permanent in this series i did my best to run the game death-less...
but that first one.... i was one turn away from beating the game and my favorite character Sain was killed... and i had restarted this level countless times... so i let him die and i was so sad cause dammit look at this cutie.
and he was a fully developed character and to this day i still remember who he is, what he was like and how i lost him.
I talk to others about the first fire emblem to hit north america and we all have stories about our fav characters.
so yeah thats how i was introduced to the series and also how i became such a fan.

I do own all the fire emblem games that have come here.... but i haven't beaten them all...

I got this at launch for example (back in 2009) but for whatever reason i put it down (i'm guessing based on timing it was either school got busy and/or i was a moron and tried to play it on hard... hard+deathless= crying)

Now this is a remake of the first fire emblem game.... and it kind of shows.

The story is good but because it doesn't have support rankings like other games in the series the characters aren't flushed out as much.
There is no rescue mechanic (which is my fav thing to use)
there is no abilit for mounted units to move again after preforming an action (like for example... rescue)
thieves don't turn into assassins or rogues (which broke my heart cause thats the only way to have a useful theif)
many classes don't have second teirs (including marth.... i wanted him to get a horsey like eliwood)
after a certain point in the game there are two curates who both have fortify.... this is the most annoying thing ever when you are trying to wittle someones health down and then those two jerks heal EVERYONE back up again.
Weapons that are strong against dragons aren't strong against wyvern riders...
same thing with ridersbane and peg knights.
There is on;y one type of map mission... Seize.... only marth can seize (he is also the only one that can visit towns) and the only exception is the final level where beating the boss beats the level. (not that i like defend levels... i hate them but it adds variety)

so yeah just lots of little balancing issues that i'm surprised they didn't fix considering you don't have to be 100% faithful to the original when you remake... no harm in adding some well received mechanics.

Still i had a great time, i even managed to beat the game with no deaths.
well except Julian who i needed to revive but still... no deaths. Also i think i got every recruitable character (except 1 cause there is one spot where if you recruit one you can't get the other)
But i was feeling a little sad that i didn't really know or care about these characters aside from "no they can't die they are too useful.
considering there are many re-occuring characters from this game in the following fire emblems maybe thats when they get more character.... but those weren't remade... and i don't like playing emulators.
but yeah if you just need a fire emblem fix and don';t have a GBA or Wii then yeah Fire Emblem Shadow dragon will be just enough to help you wait for the new fire emblem to come out on 3ds... and BOY it looks so pretty. i can't wait to play it.

Still... while i wait... there is one other Fire emblem game i own that i have yet to beat.
ah but before that Disgaea D2 arrived the other day... and i love disgaea just as much as i love fire emblem. (ok i may like fire emblem just a little more but disgaea is really good)

Oh one quick story: I love the warp staff... cause it makes me a terrible stratigist.... i would just warp marth to a fort surrounded by enemies... no one could hit him, he's one shot the enemy in return and heal any damaged he did get... too much fun (to me at least)

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