Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Story Time: Lunar

Growing up I was a nintendo kid,
i swear when i was born my family brought me home in one arm and a NES in the other.
every time i went to my grandparents i would play SNES
I have the best n64 christmas story in 96 or 97
The gamecube was the first system i ever saved up for and bought myself (when i was 13 no less... how the hell did i afford it... i don't even remember)
and waiting for the wii was agonizing (though to be fair... i probably played it the least)

anyways everyone around me growing up had a playstation... but games like spyro and hercules (yeah thats all anyone seemed to have) didn't do it for me so i never tried to save up or ask for my own.... until i saw a trailer for final fantasy 10... then i was all about owning a ps2 (which i bought soon after getting a gamecube... somehow)

so essentially i never owned a playstation 1, and finding ps1 games in my area was damn near impossible...and when i did they weren't cheap.

so to this day the only ps1 game i have bought personally is final fantasy 7..... which gave me panic attacks... so thats fun.
the other ps1 disk i own is Lunar, my friend was buying another copy for himelf and said "you want this? it's a little messed up but who knows, it may work"

so that should have been my first warning.

anyways i brought it home, didn't play for long and stopped... overtime i completely forgot about it till recently.

I always felt guilty... i mean i have been told it's really good so why did i stop.

The other day my friend was over and asking if she should get a ps3 or a retron, she didn't have consoles growing up so having so many years of gaming and only so much money is overwhelming.
i told her ps3 cause i have heard mixed things about the retron... she asked if ps3 is backwards compatible.
"yeah i hear it plays ps1 games, not ps2 though... i've never actually tried" so i grabbed lunar cause i figured it could roll into me playing it after she left.
and then the memories flooded back on why i stopped.

The voice over during the first cutscene kept stuttering.
i poped it out, cleaned it and noticed a little damage... put it back in and same results.
"thats right... the disk would randomly play voice clips from random parts of the game... from characters i never met"
so i chuckle, pop in ff7 and show her "see it works, the other game was broken long before i tried it here"
so then i chastise the friend who gave it to me "oh yeah" he mumbles "that game was really messed up"

so yeah... still haven't played lunar... maybe one day
i should beat suikoden before that... so close to the end... and i know i can't get the good ending *cries*

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