Sunday, 26 March 2017

Masamune-kun's revenge

A bit of a mediocre note to end the season on but that is ok.

Masamune's revenge is about Makabe Masumune, a former chubby kid turned hotguy who wants to make the girl who ruined his childhood fall in love with him just so he can dump her.

The rest is your standard rom com fare, nothing truly unique but i did enjoy makabe's callout to how much bullshit 'pretty' people can get away with (cause seeing it all the time in my line of work... it's nice to see it called out in a show)

But other then that it's just okay. the animation is nice, character design is cute. music is a bit forgettable and the ending is more a glorified setup for season 2... whenever that actually happens.

But maybe hold off till season 2 actualyl happens before sinking any time into this... it's fine but there are better rom coms.

you can make your own opinion and watch it on crunchyroll.

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