Saturday, 8 April 2017

Your Name

So I think we can all agree that Makoto Shinkai has an amazing story as a creator.
From Voices of a distant star... a film he did almost entirely on his own... to this, one of the highest grossing animated films in Japan.

I will say flat out, this is probably my fav Makoto Shinkai film... even though I had a panic attack in the theater.

So uh... Full disclosure I'm not going to spoil anything (it's a film that is best gone into 100% blind) but at the same time if you know this particular fear I have and happen to share it... then yeah be warned.... it's explored in great detail... and I found it too much for me personally (even though i was handling it really well right up until a certain point.... what can you do)

The animation is stunning, the music is fitting and the plot is really well done (one of the best 'that' kind of story i have ever seen) and it has a great balance of emotion moving from making you laugh one second to crying to laughing and yeah i enjoyed almost every moment.

It's fairly disappointing that this isn't getting a full theatrical release but on the other hand i'm glad we got the subbed version since some of the jokes wouldn't make sense in english. (though I curious to see how they try)

If you have the chance to see it please take it, it's worth the time, i'm hoping Crunchyroll adds it to the occasional makoto shinkai weekends they do... and even though i can't watch that one scene i will probably buy the movie eventually.... just you know... the skip button exists when i'm at home. (i think being trapped in the movie theater didn't help with that particular scene)

But yeah the rest of the movie was just so great and I can't praise it enough.

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