Sunday, 30 April 2017

Japan Day 0 - The Flight

I have never been the biggest fan of flying. However I knew unless i wanted to add an unnessicary amount of extra time to my trip i would have to get over that in order to fly to Japan.

I woke up a little before my alarm which gave me those extra few minutes to snuggle to kitties. They didn't appreciate the extra love but hopefully it makes up for the three week I won't be able to hug them.

Then after a nice cup of tea we were off and i was waiting for my flight.
I was surprised how my anxiety really didn't come out. Perhaps because i wanted to be strong in front of my friends or maybe i'm just getting better at dealing with flying. Either way everything was great.

Until we were up in the air... we hit some pretty hard tourbulance... enough where the Captain even came on the intercom and tried to remind us that this was nothing and we were all just nervous for no reason. (Tell that to my achy everything).

Luckily that flight did have wifi so i was able to rewatch some Natsume Yuujinchou (because crunchyroll doesn't really work in japan and the show airs surprisingly late) and chat with friends on the ground.

However the flight to BC wasn't too long and eventually we were rushing across YVR to get to our connecting flight.

Currently i have only flown a handful of times and only ever within canada so seeing the size of the airbus that would be taking us across the water was pretty impressive.
However no wifi and much tighter chairs.
This flight was a little over 9 hours which is a time to be forced to sit. But at least there was no tourbulance... i'll take the small victories when they come.

I did get to watch Moana on the plane (which i really enjoyed even if i wish disney would stop trying so hard to have key jingle scenes [pretty much everything with that damn rooster])

After we landed that's when things got a bit more complex.
Everyone except me had to get a sim card (i'm lazy and just doing my providers roam like home thing cause even though it's more expensive it's so much less hassle)
Then we had to get our JR rail passes and that line was surprisingly long, still worth it in the end.
After that we grabbed a quick bite to eat an did our best to stay up as late as possible because 13 hour time difference is a bit brutal.

Unfortunately i didn't take any pictures because i was just too brain dead and tired but started tomorrow that should change.

The plans for tomorrow are!
Ghibli  Museum!
FFXIV cafe
The rest is up in the air but there are probably some small things we can do through the day.
And yeah more pictures next time i promise!

Side note: a lot of appliances in this country talk to you.... i dunno it makes me chuckle

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