Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Full Throttle Remastered

Story time: When i was younger I played the shit out of this game. I was like 7 or 8 and I loved it.
Right up until my brother accidentally broke the CD... i was so upset but what could you do.

Fast forward to today and i get to play the remastered version.

Is it as fun as I remember? hell how much do I remember?

That was what I wanted to find out.

So I bought the game in hopes of answered all my questions.

First off: I remembered far more then I expected. In fact I remembered every 'Puzzle' except one near the end. I got to laugh and get some jokes that went over 7 year old me's head. The remastered art look great and it's almost ashamed that it couldn't have looked this clean the first time around. The addition of Audio Commentary is awesome and while I haven't looked too hard into it I have loved what I saw

Second the controls of the walking around bits are pretty good. you can grab, look at, kick or lick/talk lots of things. Ben's dialogue is very witty and there are a ton of jokes that got a giggle out of me. the voice acting is fantastic, just as good as i remember.

However..... the bit where you have to fight other bikers.
Holy shit i do not remember that being so....... frustrating.
I knew the solution to getting the thing you need... i remembered it.
but no matter how hard i tried... NOPE... couldn't actually hit the guy with the correct thing. (luckily there is an insta win thing that i found out when i was getting so frustrated that i thought something was missing [it wasn't i just suck at the combat])

The game did crash once (right after i got the weapon i needed so that was fun)

but other then that ran super well and I seriously enjoyed every minute.

It took me about 4 hours to replay the game..... My bro who loved the game as much as me beat it in about 2 and a half.... i guess his memory is better then mine.

it's a great game and if you don't mind the length i would give it a try. Best point and click ever? no... not even close. but still an interesting game with a quick story.
Would love to get more but it's alright that it'll probably never happen... just glad i got to replay this gem.

You can get it on PS4, PSVita, GoG or Steam and right now it's on sale for 20% off. If you like Lucas arts point and click games then give it a try!

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