Monday, 1 May 2017

Japan Day 1 - Jet Lag

Waking up with the sun is normally not too bad.
However they really aren't kidding about that land of the rising sun.
The sun rises at 5 AM.... ugh.

Well needless to say I was a bit jet lagged still we had lots of things planned for the day and only so much time....

Well that's what i want to say but even though the sun rises early the stores do not. So Colin suggested we take a walk in the park.
I took lots of pictures.... none of which i can post yet because i was an idiot and forgot the cord.
So i'll post lots of pictures later~

But yeah the park was really pretty and they had this amazing park for kids and a water feature (that was currently dry but i can imaging it's very pretty when full.

And after that little adventure we headed back and got ready for the Ghilbli Museum.

And I don't have any pictures of that (cause they are not allowed) but i will say that it is one of the coolest museums i have ever gone to. Everything is perfect to it's theme and the design is incredibly whimsical.

If you are planning a trip to Japan this Museum then just remember it sells out for the month really quickly... and you have to book 3 months ahead.... but please do it, it is so cool. Also they have Apple ice cream on the roof and i can't even begin to describe how delicious it is.

After the museum the weather turned from bright and sunny to literal thunderstorm so our group split up. I was in the group that went to the FFXIV cafe.
However we still had about 2 hours before out reservation time so we decided to roam around akihabara.
We went to 2 different arcades and had the huge culture shock of people smoking inside.
We went to a Kotobukiya shop where i got some clear cards for natsume... i on;y bought two packs and I kinda wanna go get more cause they are so pretty.

And then we were off to the cafe.
At first i thought it would just be some gimmicky food but they really make a show of it.

First you are given one free drink (well free when you consider price of entry) and i picked the Chocobo fruit milk... it was really really tasty. After that there are themed meals... i ended up just getting a plate of smoked meat which was a bit small considering i hadn't eaten anything all day... but in the end it was really delicious. For dessert I had a "fat cat swiss roll" and again... very cute and very tasty.
However that wasn't the most interesting part of the cafe. Our friend beam had ordered Takoyaki (fried batter with Octopus) however because this was a bit of a joke dish we didn't know of of the takoyaki were actually filled with a big ball of Wasabii... and the fun thing was he knew which one had the green stuff... but he decided to eat it anyways cause he's a trooper.

After that adventure it was time for the two groups to meet up.
Asakusa temple was the meeting place and seeing this place lit up at night was breathtaking. It would have been nice to enter the temple itself but still i'm glad i got to see it like that.

After meeting up we headed to this okanamiyaki place nearby the temple which was utterly delicious BUT we had just come from the cafe and I was still really full. Oh well my friends helped me finish my portion.

Then we headed home and all proceeded to pass out from pure exhaustion.

At least tomorrow shouldn't be as jammed with stuff. Marie's and I are hoping to go to Ikebukuro and check out some little cafes and then maybe head over to Rappongi.
We'll see where the day takes us!

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