Sunday, 7 May 2017

Japan Day 7 - The only thing I really cared about

We had a lot of event planned for this trip.
Between Cafe's and store doing Collab events there was only one thing where i would have been genuinely upset had we not been able to work it out.

In Osaka there was a gallery for the creator of Natsume Yuujinchou and a focus on the 15 year old series.

I bought tickets for this month ago.
So when we finally got to this place which is only about an hour away from Osaka i knew we had to do it ASAP (also cause the gallery closes tomorrow but ignoring that). We woke up at a decent time and the whole group traveled to Osaka for a day trip.
We split off almost immediately and enjoyed our show.
Just as excepted it was worth every penny, so many of her originals were up on display. You could see things that had been cut off but cropping or places where she made a mistake or changed her mind and made it work.
You could see her style evolve over the course of the 15 years and it just made me wanna sit down and draw.

It wasn't a huge exhibit but we spent an inordinate amount of time looking closely at the work cause what's the chance we'll get to see something like this again.

Then came the gift store where I spent only 3 bucks more then i had expected to. When i get him I'm debating having some of these items framed since they are very nice.

After that we went to check a store for a collab event Marise was looking into but once again it was sold out... so we met up with the others and headed to "Denden town" (it's apparently a mini Akihabara)

There we managed to find a Namco store which had some of the Namjatown event items that had been sold out in actual Namjatown town (so i got the acrylic stand for yuuri and victor)

Then i saw a white Ys Vita in the wild and for 238 bucks it was almost worth it but i currently don't have space in my bag left... that being said if i see it in Tokyo on the way back.... i'll probably make room... i just don't wanna carry it all trip.

And then we headed back home to rest our tired feet.
Luckily (for my wallet) there are no more events till the 15th so we will be doing more traditionally touristy things. I know there's is talk of Imari shrine, Kiyomisudera, Nara and maybe Kobe... no idea if any of these will really happen but that is the plan.

Once thing i am sad about... i haven't been able to find anything falcom (besides the vita and a few games) anywhere.... i want some merch but the universe is saying no... oh well... i have a few weeks to keep trying.

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