Thursday, 11 May 2017

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaimen

Norse Mythology has always been one of my favourite topics. However it’s not the easiest mythology to decipher.

Green and Roman myth have been told and retold even do this day. You know of Athena or Zeus and their many tales but not so much when it comes to Norse.

Granted you have probably heard some. Everyone knows Loki, Thor and Odin. However Jormangund or Frey may be less well know over all.

So when, about a month before my trip, my father showed me that Neil Gaimen had done his own compilation and telling of norse mythology in a way that would be entertaining as well as accurate I knew I needed to save it for those long shinkansen rides we had between locations.

It isn’t a terribly long book, I would say the whole thing only took a few hours to read but it is extremely entertaining and just proves to be far more interesting then Greek and Roman myth. It was far more interesting then the 40 pages give or take I got crammed in the back of mythology textbook from college.

My only complaint is that it doesn’t really cover the beginning in much detail. It’s there but I wish there was a bit more detail.

Alternately this is the best telling of the end I have seen in a book. Perhaps most translators get tired by this point but Gaimen is a writer first and foremost and it was an enjoyable ready from cover to cover (or In my case from 1%-94% on kindle [the last batch of pages is a glossary])

It’s not the only book I brought on my trip luckily and hopefully I’ll be able to finish another soon. These train rides are really perfect for reading.

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