Thursday, 18 May 2017

Japan Day 18 - Back to the beggining

6 hours is a long time to spend on a train so unfortunately i don't have much to say about this day... just that we headed back from Fukuoka all the way to Tokyo, and in that time i finished one of the books i brought (luckily i still have a few because yay Kindle)

I will talk about the check in experience because it was different.

We have been using air bnb and so far everything has just been self check in.
This time the owner of the place actually came to pick us up from the station. She showed us around the area, taught us how to use everything in her house and even left us surprising amount of free treats.

Also even though the beds are close together there is plenty of breathing room on the main floor
It's sad that the trip is coming to an end but at least my health seems to have held out through the trip (though my back and heel have started to protest)

Tomorrow i hope to take a short trip to ikebukuro but overall just going to  enjoy the last few days in japan.

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