Monday, 15 May 2017

Japan Day 15 - Hell house

Cristian's words not mind.... the the sentiment remains.
Also you get what you pay for i guess.

So for this trip we have been doing a combination of Ryokans and Airbnb. For the most prt all the places we have stayed at have been great (except fuji.... fuji ryokan was kinda lame)

But this place? It sucks
It said it's for max 9 people? No.... just cause you have 9 beds.... doesn't mean you can house 9 people.
The bed we picked much we a couch futon cause there is a rather painful line down the middle.

They didn't even have a drying rack for the dishes.

Anyways onto the day.
We took a day trip to Nagasaki, we saw the peace museum and park... it was depressing as all hell (though i've been told that Hiroshima's museum has a lot more impact)

Then we went to the shopping arcade for lunch and animate.... once again spent too much money but it would be cheaper then importing so... yay?

Desite saying we'd stay till 6 we ended up leaving at 3... it's been 4 days of go go go so i think we are all just a little tired.

Matt, Ambernay and Cristian are staying in Nagasaki for the night and hopefully they are having a good time.

Back in fukuoka we went to the natsuem cafe again cause why not... i puleld tanuma coaster and charm and marise puleld taki caoster and charm... we traded casue she ikes tanuma and Taki makes me smile (especially in that pic since she's flipping out over Nyanko.)

And then we to dinner, there was an Evangelion cafe in the station so we went there.
It was incredibly lame... the food was good but the cafe itself was easily the worst one we have been to so far... i don't even really like eva and i feel bad for how shit that cafe was.

Oh well... we are appraoching the end of the trip (and i am startign to get nervous about my moeny but i should be able to make it as long as i don't spen too much.... wish me luck.

Plans for tomorrow... uh.... play it by ear? Who knows... figure that out later!

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