Friday, 12 May 2017

Japan Day 12 - First day we slept in

"Breakfast is at 8 right? It's 7:56" is not the most pleasant thing to wake up to... but still no reason to be late.
We threw our yukata's over our pjs and rushed to breakfast where only Colin waited.
And the other guys were not in the room.
And we had no signal to contact them.
They did show up eventually but it was a big worry about were we early? Were they late? We still don't know the answer but it was a decent breakfast (side note, I can state as a matter of fact that i simply do not like raw fish in any circumstance... i tried many varieties and each one was less palatable then the last... raw fish and me are no good)

After filling our bellies we decided to trek down the mountain and head into town... or at least that was the plan.
See the manager said that was no good and drove us down the mountain since there was currently a rather nasty storm overhead. Still we did want to check out the town so we hoped in the van and explored.
The funny thing about this town is it's already quiet... but with the rain it was dead.
We checked out nearby Sakura Falls which was really nice and then hunted for food... and hunted... and hunted some more.
Eventually we decided to eat at the first open thing we saw across from Amagase station.
It was this cute little frog souvineer/pizza shop/icecream stand and it smelled devine when we entered.
We ordered 2 pizzas, both were made fresh and we tried to pay but no.... not till the end, then we ordered some drinks and ice cream and stilll no paying.... only when we insisted we were done did she allow us to pay..... and then we had to take a picture for her facebook page and she bowed to us as the van picked us up. It was honestly the most wonderful experience i have ever had in a shop and the entire trip down the mountain was worth it for that.

Back at the Ryokan we still had a lot of time till dinner so despite the heavy rain we headed to the baths.... which were outside... and uncovered.
The cold rain and the boiling onsen was an interesting combo and i can say i have taken a bath in the rain now so that is neat.

Then was the wait for dinner, i did a little sketching and enjoyed the peaceful scenery and then it was time for the meal.

Which was actually pretty good. I managed to eat quite a bit of it (despite being a picky eater)

And now it's time for bed. Tomorrow is my 'pilgrimage' day.... Going to the town my favourite show is set it.
It's going to be a bit of a ride there but honestly it'll be worth every moment... i wish we were spending more then a day.

Also i will be amazed if we have wifi... i seriously doubt it cause we will be in the middle of nowhere.

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