Friday, 19 May 2017

Japan day 19 - Foreboding

Back in tokyo it's time to tie up loose ends.   Since being here last time store have changed and events have updated. Marise and I got ready and headed to Ikebukuro.
Her goal - new Yuyu hakusho items, mine -  persona 5 shop.
We headed out, figured out the subway system since that's what we are currently close to an made our way to the shops.
Only there also happened to be right in the area of the natsume cafe so we had to stop there... in unrelated news we have pulled every keychain and every towel.... impressive? Maybe but also a little sad.
Anyways we made it to the yu yu hakusho cafe and Marise got some more key chains and then we headed to the other side of the station to the persona 5 shop where i finished picking out souvineers for people (i mean blind pulls count at picking out?) as well as a new awesome shirt for myself (Morgan a telling the player to go to sleep) and after all that spending i got to do three lottery draws... and the first one was a 'gold' draw so i wont the grand prize of a big button (like.... 8 inch button?)

It was at this point that i started to worry... i could feel a tickle in my throat.
So close to the end i can get sick yet.

I ignore it, we head back home and search out lunch. There's a soba place around the corner and we went in there. Even though it was a hot as hell day we got hot Soba and you know what? Worth it.

After that amazing meal we headed back to the place to simply relax.
Only when you read more you can feel it more... the awful tickle in the back of my throat getting worse and worse. It's getting harder to think and i just want to sleep.

Hopefully i last the next 2 days, that's all i ask... i can be sick back in Canada.

Eventually the guys return but then we headed out again, this time for dinner. Marise has been hunting for sushi with no luck an tonight was no exception.. tomorrow hopefully or it'll be a sushi breakfast before the flight.

As i prep to sleep i just hope that this cold leaves me alone... just for a little longer. At least all my shopping is done (cause i am almost out of money.... i have enough to get me thought the next two days but not much more then that)

Alright... final full day in tokyo tomorrow, wish me luck!

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