Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Japan Day 10 - Deer and Rain

Today is our final full day In Kyoto so a bunch of us decided to take a day trip to Nara which i famous for deer.
Lots.... and LOTS of deer.

We bought some crackers, were accosted by the wildlife for said crackers. We walked around and saw some temples and shrines (we couldn't go into any cause a million schools were having their field trip that day and it was packed.)
After walking around the grounds we headed back and got some curry.... where they almost got my order very very wrong.

I ordered a mild pork curry because i'm allergic to spicy food and i didn't feel like taking a bendryl in the middle of the day.

So they served me a level 4 spiced (out of 10) beef curry....
so.... even though i hate sending food back i had to because i couldn't handle a level 1.... level 4 would be a bad time for me.

So got that swapped out and we prepaired to head home.... where not only was it raining... it was pouring.
Luckily that sun umbrella i bought on day 2 or 3 works for rain! I even found out a hidden pattern appears in the rain.... when this one dies i'll probably buy another cause it really is cute.

After that when we got home Bram had returned! So now we are back to a group of 7.
Tomorrow we head to the first of two Ryokans in a row... I have no clue if we will get wifi but considering how out of the way they are i highly doubt it... guess we'll see tomorrow (or.... i guess i'll just do a bunch of these as one post? I'll figure something out since i'm going to have a lot to say about the second ryokan for sure.

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