Saturday, 6 May 2017

Japan Day 6 - Farewell Fuji-san

I thought I would be a bit sadder leaving the Ryokan but honestly... the thought of a bed on the other side for this 4 hour trip sounds so enticing.

We woke up early, not because we needed to but because there was a window with no drapes on the floor and sunrise is around 4:50. However we used this time to take one final dip in the hot spring then got out stuff ready to leave.

The plan wasn't too complicated. We needed to catch a bus to a local town and then hope on the Shinkansen (bullet train)
I'll admit this was my first time on a bullet train and i was really excited to be on one. Honestly it was a bit like a roller coaster just with far more gradual rises and falls... my ears were popping the entire time but otherwise it was a comfy ride.

Before we knew it we were in Kyoto.
It was surprisingly different from both Tokyo and the town surrounding Fuji. It was both far more busy as far as cars are concerned but also a lot more abandoned building. Almost like it's half ghost town half old world charm. Also a lot of people walking around with really nice kimomos despite the dreary weather.

Luckily we arrived in kyoto early enough to walk around. We made our way to a tore called 0101 which was in the penultimate day of it's natsume event.
We ended up asking a lot of questions in broken japanese and the attendant was incredibly kind and even pulled up japan's version of google translate in order to communicate. At one point we were both asking questions through the phones. He kept saying Sumimasen (which is like the only word you need to know in japan as it's a hybrid of Sorry and Thank you and Can i bother you/ask for help) because he felt bad about the way we were communicating but in the end it was incredibly helpful.

After that we headed home just to be whisked away to dinner.... which was about a one minute walk from where we had just been.
We went to Coco Curry which was nice because it lets you control the level of heat... hell you can customize damn near every aspect. It was pretty tasty and because I could ask for ess rice I actually managed to finish my meal.

After that we just wandered a bit and then headed home. Tomorrow is the day i'm most excited for. Tomorrow we head to the Gallery in Osaka (which is still about an hour away but worth it) and it should be my final expensive day... it should also be the last day that my bag had a chance of getting heavier (i've been really good to far though)

I'll also hope to take more picture today, yesterday everything was just grey but hopefully we get some sun soon.

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