Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Japan Day 16 - By the Sea

Today was a bit different from all the others.
Half of our group were in another town... and the rest of us had no solid plans.

So for the first time this trip i looked up tourist destinations.
There were some parks, a castle ruin and an aquarium.

All were about an hour from here and all would cost us a bit of money but they all seemed pretty fun. In the need we went to the aquarium since they may have some displays that we wouldn't get to see in canada.

It was a bit odd how out of the way it was, the station literally had no attendants and just trusted that people would pay their fare (i'll talk about this in a post mortem but this trust based society is really strange at times... and i'm canadian.)

We go down a little path and come into view of the lovely aquarium. We spent most of the day here and considering how much i end up drawing mermaids i'm glad i got some good reference material.
We say a dolphin show which was pretty cool and we even ate at the restaurant which was very tasty (another note for the post mortem... even if attractions target kids the food is always quite adult and you can pretty much always order alcohol)

After getting through the building we debated going through the park but honestly it had been 4 days of non stop action and we were looking forward relaxing back at the place (no matter how terrible this place is)

And it was a chill day, we went to a local place that is literally just meat and we waited for the other group to join us and tell us all about their Nagasaki trip.

Tomorrow is apparently Hiroshima (granted i don't get why we made that a day trip instead of a stop over since we literally have to go back that way to get back to tokyo.... perhaps i'll just ditch and go to Kumamoto or Karatsu instead... we will see.

But yeah trip is coming to an end and i am looking forward to my bed and cats.

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