Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Japan Day 9 - I lied, migraines are the enemy.

Today was a bit more of relaxing day but not completely y my choice.

In the morning we went to the Kyoto Toei Studio Park which is an awesome place that it set up like an old town in Edo japan and maybe used for films.
It was a bit more expensive to get into then other things but there was lots to do and tones really cool free shows inside. There was a street merchant one where a man spoke both the fastest Japanese and English i had ever heard.
Then we saw them doing. Demo on a sound stage which was pretty funny.
Lastly we caught a chunk of a ninja show and for something with no wires the acrobatics were very impressive. Also the use of practical light effects with a projector was super neat.

However after we headed home i got hit with a massive migraine... I'm actually glad i didn't go to Kobe with the guys because it would have sucked to feel this sick out and about.

But it did keep me in the house for the second part of the day... Marise got to look at some kimono's and hopefully today i can join her in finding one to buy.

But yeah short little adventure today, i did take lots of pictures so look forward to those at the end of the month.

Not too much in the way of planning on this final day in Kyoto... Nara maybe? It all depends on what everyone else wants to do.
Until then have a great day everyone!

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