Monday, 8 May 2017

Japan Day 8 - Stairs are the enemy

Today was the first day Marise and I didn't have anything planned so we woke up early and headed over to Inari Shrine.
We ended up leaving one of the group behind cause they were still sleeping but we knew they would catch up (and funnily enough, they did... while we only about a third up no less.)

It was very sunny and humid but that was fine, I actually had a much harder time of the stairs then i was expecting. I feel like had it all just been a dirt path it would have been so much easier (but also a lot more dangerous so i get why there are stairs.)

Still the view from the top of the mountain was lovely (although surprisingly smoggy) and the decent down was far more relaxing then i expected it to be.

We did end up getting separated from the group but we all just made it down at our own pace and made our way over to some of the food vendors.
I got some strawberry shaved ice with condensed milk syrup... it was really really good and very refreshing on this hot and humid day (27 C with 30% humidity [though that's current data... it felt ike more up the mountain])

Thanks to friends i also got to try the spiral potato and roasted chestnuts.
After waiting a while we eventually all met up and i found ice cream... i got Matcha flavour while my friends tried the Sake Icecream and the Tofumilk flavour. All in all pretty yummy

After that we went home and rested... the hike was a bit intense and some of us felt like the need to sit was greater then the need to rush off to the next thing.

However the day was young and in the afternoon we headed out once again to a Shrine called "Kiyomisudera".
Cristian had his heart set on a specific shop at the temple but unfortunately it was closed.
Still it was a lovely temple to walk around and i got (what i hope were) some nice pictures. (Fun fact, been taking more pictures then i normally would and the camera STILL says 9999 shots left.)

After walking around it was time once again to head home and bask in the glory of the AC unit. Even with my dorky umbrella I still think i got a bit of a burn (all the sunscreen in the world wouldn't fix that apparently) but as long as it isn't as bad as i got that one day in Fuji i'll consider it a win.

This was where i was going to end it but then one more thing happened.
We were planning on eating in so cristian made spaghetti but it wasn't enough for all 6. So Matt, Cristian and I left for food... the walk was nice but it was already pretty late and the only sold food i had eaten all day was some bread for breakfast.

Cristian wanted Kushikatsu (essentially fried food) so we went to a place... Reserve only.
Then we were two second from another place... but they didn't feel the reviews were good enough... so we walked to another place about 10 mins away an it was closed.
At this point we said Screw it... lets just go for curry which is nearby and open.
We were about to cross the street to go into the curry place when Cristian tells us he found another Kushikatsu place. My protest for just going with the guarenteed food fell on deaf ears and we walked for another 15 mins or so.
We do fine the place, it's unite literally a hole in the wall but it was absolutely delicious.... i just wish we had got here first.

Then we headed home and I went straight to bed because I ended up doing a lot more walking then expected today... oh well.

Still in Kyoto for a little longer so hopefully we get to go to Nara or Kobe or even just check out some Kimono's.

At least for now i think all my shopping is done... just the one cafe event left and that is all small stuff. Got my bro a fancy shirt but i have no idea if it'll fit him.... guess i'll find out in a few weeks.

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