Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Japan Day 3 - A Better Pace

Yesterday was too much, this was the one thing we all agreed on.
However since this was our last day in Tokyo without travel there were still 2 things we wanted to do.
Still today was going to be less intense no matter what.

We actually started the day by going to another nearby park Colin had seen on his map. The walk through the residential area was really pleasant and pretty quickly we saw the gate. Unlike the other park this cost 150 yen (about a 1.50 dollars) to get in and looked more like a rose garden then a park. Still it was cheap and we were here so why not.

The first thing we see is a rather large western style house with an equally opulent rose garden (with each type of rose seperate and labeled even if they weren't blooming just yet)
a little further in they had all kinds of flowers so i got a lot of reference material from that.
Then there was a little path to the side... and we found a rather large area that could be described as a park and a japanese garden. There was a huge pond with koi and lovey stone paths and even though it only took about 40 mins to go through there was a lot to see. It was the perfect way to start this relaxing day.

After heading back to the place and having a small bite to eat Marise and I headed out on another adventure alone. This time we headed to Tokyo station in order to get to the Eccentric Family cafe.
Truth be told i was worried we'd be turned away like we were last time we tried to go to a cafe without a reservation but i also knew this place was first come first serve... so why not try.
There was one minor hiccup we didn't account for.
Today was the official start of golden week which is a national holiday in japan. So the trains were packed and there was a sea of people at every stop. Also apparently people get more aggressive on holidays cause so far everyone had been extremely kind but now it was just a bit more forceful.

Still we headed out of the station and found the mall the cafe was in and let me tell you it was breath taking.
It was like a triangle with an open centre that goes 6 floors up. All elegantly designed and far to fancy to have an anime cafe.
Still we made our way to the 4th floor and found an attendant handing out numbered tickets.
The attendant started at 66 and we were 95 so we knew we had a bit of a wait ahead of us but we came for this place. No point in turning back.... then 15 to 20 minutes later we were being called.
Now I do know a little japanese but the one thing they never tell you in lessons is that Japanese people talk extremely quietly.... and they mumble... and they talk very quickly... and we didn't have anyone to help translate.
So the first thing he asked was. "We are running low on plush toys, do you want one? You have to buy it befor sitting down." This of course took a minute to get across but eventually we figured it out and Marise got one before we took our seat.
Then we got in line to order food. Marise got a beef bowl and i got the curry (which was a bit more tomato-y then i expected but still pretty good and sadly the closest thing to real food that i've had all week) and for drink Marise got then "Benten Cocktail" (which she let me try and i think it's hibiscus with lemon or Yuzu) and i got the frog in the well Latte (which was essentially a Matcha green tea latte which was so creamy and nice.
It was a lot more expensive then other cafes but i'm glad we went.
After the food was done we told them how delicious it was and went to the goods table.
I got a book am acrylic stand and a kyoto delicacy (because that is where the show is set) and a book that you apparently get stamped at shrines, i may not use it for that cause i'm just not sure but we will see if i figure it out.

We debated between going home for a rest but instead we figured just head to our final planned destination for the day. A store called HMM who were selling Natsume Merch.
I bought a lot and i regret nothing.... it all fits nicely in my bag... though this did bring my cup/mug cup up to 2 so i'm pretty sure i'll get scolded when i get back (mugs are dangerous i tell ya)

Luckily the store wasn't packed and we managed to do everything we needed to there in no time at all. We headed home and got clean and did laundry and just enjoyed the rest of the day. Slowly we all trickeled back in and told of our seperate adventures.

Tomorrow the format will change a bit. We are headed to a Ryokan at the base of Mt. Fuji and i'm pretty sure there is no wifi. So most likely i'll post any more updates when we get to the next place in a few days.

This trip had been a b;sat so far but i'll be honest im a bit worried about how golden week will be at Mt. Fuji... guess we'll find out.

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